Diaper bags come, and diaper bags go. People often ask me for advice on diaper bags, and there are FAR too many bags out there—and it’s very subjective. Everyone has different tastes, different budgets, and different lifestyles, soooo there’s no “one” bag that is a fit for everyone. What most people want out of a bag is usually narrowed-down to a few features: pockets, style, function. I even use diaper bags for my own bags because they have TONS of storage for all my stuff. My sister was contacted by Lily Jade awhile back and thought she’d give them a whirl. They now have a lifelong fan.



Lily Jade makes very stylish diaper bags that look like handbags and a few of their bags convert into backpacks by rerouting the shoulder strap. Some of their bags are leather, some are canvas, some are a synthetic, and this varies based on style. By making bags out of different materials they also have very different price points, which is great for families with different budgets. They look great, they have tons of storage, the quality is wonderful, but what REALLY sets these bags apart?


Enter the Baby Bag. The Baby Bag is an organizer that is a separate insert. You fill it full of EVERYTHING (diapers, wipes, onesies, creams, etc) and put it in the bag. Want easier access to your things? Simply pull it out! Don’t feel like carrying your bag around? Throw the Baby Bag under your stroller and off you go! It’s a great organizing tool and would actually be great as an organizer at a secondary diaper changing station in your living room that you can fold up and throw in a bag.



The Baby Bags are even color-coordinated to match the interior of your bag and include a changing pad. Speaking of interiors, the Lily Jade bags have bright interior linings, so you’re not digging in a black hole of bottles, toys, and wipes and can actually SEE inside your bag. They know what’s up.


BONUS! It even holds my sister’s Hygeia Enjoye pump, so she can tote her things around without buying a separate bag. Because, let’s face it, pump bags are pretty hideous.


Just a sample of what’s in my sister’s Lily Jade

“I love the fact that it can hold my pump so I don’t have to buy a separate bag. The Baby Bag is one of my favorite features. It’s easily removable, so if Kyle needs to switch to a more masculine bag he can pull it out and use it and it’s already full of supplies. ALL the pockets–the storage is terrific. The soft leather is great and makes it feel like a nice handbag instead of a “diaper bag.” Add to this the fact that I can use it as a shoulder bag OR wear it as a backpack, and it’s easily my favorite diaper bag. The quality, detailing, and function of this bag is top-notch.”— Jennifer Buske

Jennifer is such a big fan of Lily Jade that we’ve decided to partner with them all week long to help launch their new bags. Each day we will feature a new bag….and each day will be a new giveaway of that bag!!!! The giveaways are open ALL WEEK, so if you miss a day do not worry—you can go back and enter the day prior!!! Contest begins Monday and ends Saturday at MIDNIGHT EST.



Today’s bag is the Sarah Grace Silver. Featuring gold hardware, a yellow Baby Bag, and a pouch for your phone and wallet, it’s a gorgeous bag you will definitely not be ashamed about toting around. The Sarah Grace retails for $159.00 and includes the yellow Baby Bag and changing pad.

BONUS!!!!!! Lily Jade is giving my readers a code for 15% OFF any bag through July 7th!!! Just use BABYGUY15 at checkout!!! Which means the Sarah Grace Silver is $135 using BABYGUY15 for 15% off!