Diaper bags come, and diaper bags go. People often ask me for advice on diaper bags, and there are FAR too many bags out there—and it’s very subjective. Everyone has different tastes, different budgets, and different lifestyles, soooo there’s no “one” bag that is a fit for everyone. What most people want out of a bag is usually narrowed-down to a few features: pockets, style, function. I even use diaper bags for my own bags because they have TONS of storage for all my stuff. My sister was contacted by Lily Jade awhile back and thought she’d give them a whirl. They now have a lifelong fan.

If you’ve been with us all week, you know we’re featuring the amazing new bags from Lily Jade. My sister is a GIGANTIC fan as you can read in her earlier review HERE. Each day this week we will be featuring a new bag AND doing a giveaway!!!!! And don’t forget, you can go back to earlier days to enter as the contest is over Saturday at MIDNIGHT EST!!!!!


Unlike Barney, the Cailin is one purple thing you won’t get tired of. The Cailin Royal Purple is a gorgeous nylon bag with leather accents including a leather bottom and leather-trimmed front pocket. The Cailin interior is purple and it comes with a matching purple Baby Bag and changing pad so your diaper bag can go from sherpa to stylish by simply removing an insert.


It retails for $179 and includes the Baby Bag and changing pad. Lily Jade is also giving my readers a discount code for 15% off any purchase until July 7th, so use BABYGUY15 at checkout!!!!! That would bring the Cailin down to $152.