#12DaysOfBabyGuy: The Sequel. DAY EIGHT.

Here we go with #12DaysOfBabyGuy:  The Sequel.  DAY 8.  The response so far has been tremendous, and I thank you all dearly.  So, without further delay I give you:

I remember the first time I was introduced to UPPAbaby.  I was working retail at BuyBuyBaby, and there was one stroller that everyone was going bonkers over.  You know what that one is….or was.  It took a little bit more explaining to customers as to what the Vista did that the other guys didn’t–and especially for a lower price point.  I like to think I am friendly to most strollers (as long as they’re good), but I felt like UPPA was David up against Goliath.  I took that stroller under my wing and was a huge champion of the brand.  I was even written up in the Wall Street Journal for talking people “out” of more expensive strollers and into the Vista (although I disagree with that explanation—I honestly think I just help people find what makes sense for them and their lifestyle).  Since that launch just a FEW years ago, UPPAbaby has become an omnipresent brand in a very saturated stroller market–and deservedly so.  When I heard that UPPAbaby was launching a lightweight stroller that would still appeal to people who like the Vista, I was very excited indeed.  The Cruz has a reversible seat, a one-handed recline, 4-wheel suspension, a nice-sized undercarriage basket, the same amazeballs sun canopies that are now an UPPAbaby signature, is compatible with infant car seats, has a carry-handle for easy toting, and only weighs 22 lbs.  Add to this the fact that is is barely over 22 inches wide, and you’ve got the features of a much larger stroller in a compact frame.  I’ve made terrific friends in the people who work at, and own, UPPAbaby.  They’ve got a terrific brand message, have a philanthropic side as well (they recently donated $150,000 in Cruz strollers and accessories to families in-need), and they’re just fun people.  I look forward to where this company goes in the future–and based on their Mesa Infant Car Seat that launches this Spring, they’ve got a terrific path opening up before them.  Oh, you’re gonna the UPPAbaby Cruz, which retails for $459.99.  For a list of retailers in your area click here.  FUN FACT:  all the colors are named after the kids of UPPAbaby employees 😉


FACT:  Grand Central in NYC is often called “Grand Central Station” when it is, in fact, Grand Central Terminal.  A station has traffic through it, and a terminal is where the line begins or ends.  In keeping with this analogy, the Grand Central Bag by Skip*Hop  will be the end of your diaper bag search.  Skip*Hop has long been known for great diaper bags:  they’re gender-friendly, modern, attach to stroller easily, and they don’t scream “I am carrying a diaper bag because I am awesome.”  The Grand Central is no exception.  To quote my sister:  “The Grand Central is the best diaper bag I’ve ever used.  And I’ve used a LOT.  I gave them all away to friends.  The Grand Central is large enough to hold everything I need (example is given in the above picture–and NO, that’s not what my sister carries around 😉 ), there are tons of pockets so I can stay as organized as possible (considering I have 3 kids under 3), it cleans easily, and it’s attractive.  I love it.  Thank you, Jamie for being an awesome brother and Guncle.  You’re the best thing…ever.  Better than chocolate.”***

***I may have made that last part up, but the rest is true.  The Grand Central is a terrific bag, and a wonderful addition to a collection that is already Nailing It.  The Skip*Hop Grand Central Diaper Bag retails for $89.99 (which is a BARGAIN for a bag like this) and is available at Magic Beans and other specialty retailers.


Yep, you’re also getting a BuggyLOVE Stroller Cleaning Kit.  Made of 100% natural ingredients, the BuggyLOVE kit is a wonderful addition to any stroller to make sure you keep it looking great and smelling even better….naturally.  The BuggyLOVE Organic Stroller Cleaning Kit retails for $49.99.

So, this bundle of products retails for around $600.  What do you think?  GO ENTER!!!

And if you win something you do not need or want, please consider donating to a charity or shelter.  Thank you.

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