#12DaysOfBabyGuy: The Sequel. DAY FIVE.

Day Five.  Today is all about B on BabyGuyGearGuide:  boba.  Baby Jogger.  BuggyLOVE.


I am an unabashed boba enthusiast.  I love them.  I love their carriers.  If you follow me on Instagram you’ll often see me wearing either my nephew or a #SassyThreeYearOld in the boba 3G.  As much as I love boba, imagine my surprise when I received a phone call a loooong time ago and they told me they had a new carrier launching and they’d like to send me one to try for a bit before it was public.  It was so very hard to keep my mouth shut.  I’d wear it in public hoping no one would ask me about it (Hey, I HAD to try it out!).  That carrier was the bobaair.  It’s brilliant.  Weighing in at .7 lbs, this carrier folds up into its own pouch so that you can throw it in a bag, under your stroller, in a large pocket (Holler Cargo Shorts!!)—and then pop it open and wear your child should they need a ride.  Suitable from 15-45 lbs, the bobaair is very innovative, very comfortable, and very affordable at $65.  But you won’t have to pay for one—boba is giving you one.  HUZZAH!!!


When I first began working at BuyBuyBaby YEARS ago, I was hired to demo a certain stroller that shares a name with a Destiny’s Child song title.  When people didn’t want to see that stroller, I’d immediately send them to the Baby Jogger City Series.  They’ve always been one of my favorite brands, and when they launched the City Mini EVERYONE went nuts for them—talking about destroying the market.  Some people wanted a Mini with better wheels and a few other features, so Baby Jogger launched the City Mini GT.  Chunky wheels, more padding, an adjustable handle, a higher seat beack, terrific maneuverability—these are just a few features of the GT.  Suitable from birth-65 lbs, the City Mini GT still features Baby Jogger’s patented (and oft-imitated) one-handed Quick-Fold Technology allowing you to fold it in a snap and throw it in your trunk or store it.  I am a BIG fan of this guy, and I’ve no problems saying it’s one of my very favorite strollers of 2012.  The Baby Jogger City Mini GT retails for $349.99, but if you win you’re getting one for FREE!!!!!  BONUS!!  We are going to throw in the Child Tray, the Rain Shield, and the Parent Console.  That takes this Baby Jogger Bundle to over $450.


Yep, you’re also gonna get a BuggyLOVE Stroller Cleaning Kit.  It’s a terrific non-toxic way to clean various substances out of and off of your stroller.  Featuring wheel lube, stain remover, fabric refresher, frame polish, and other cleaning tools, BuggyLOVE will spruce up and stroller like it’s brand new.  The BuggyLOVE Organic Stroller Cleaning Kit retails for $49.99.


This package is worth nearly $600.  So go enter!!!!


And if you DON’T need one of the prizes you win, please consider donating it to a charity or shelter.  Thank you!!!


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