#12DaysOfBabyGuy: The Sequel. DAY FOUR.

DAY FOUR.  Four brands.  It feels right.  If you’ve been paying attention to the previous giveaways, you’ve probably noticed that each day has a theme.  It might be slight, it might be stretched a bit, but it’s there.  I swear.  Think of the Showcase Showdown on The Price Is Right.  Except I am not going to tell you to spay or neuter your pets.  THAT, my friends, is your call.


I was introduced to organicKidz a couple years ago, and I am proud to call the owner a very good friend.  Bottles are tricky for me to discuss because I don’t want to aggravate people who fully support the WHO Code.  When I do talk about bottles it has NOTHING to do with nipples, or “just like mom’s boobs” because we should all know that’s just crazy marketing.  What I admire in bottle companies is innovation in design and the use of safe materials.  organicKidz is a stainless steel bottle company that makes a multitude of designs and sizes, and even allows you to convert your bottle into a sippy cup.  Stainless steel is a much better alternative to plastic, and it won’t break like glass bottles (not to mention it’s lighter).  They’ve even launched a thermal bottle which will allow you to keep your drinks warm or cold—without being uncomfortable to the touch.  Nailing it.  My nieces use them and when we go on our walks people are always very curious about the “metal bottles” and want to know more about them.  Check them out even if you don’t win this package.  You’ll receive 3 7 oz Stainless Steel Bottles, a Baby Grows Up Gift Set (9 oz bottle, sippy cup, and water bottle), a 7 oz Thermal Baby Bottle, Sippy Spouts to convert bottles to sippy cups, Bottle Caps to snap onto the bottle to make it lunchbox-friendly, a Stainless Steel Thermal Food Container, and a Baby&Me Nursing Cover—it includes a patented double rim design which allows for eye contact between mom and baby, as well as terrific air flow.  This package retails for $200—and it’s the first time the 2013 line is available to the public.  HOLLER.


Speaking of eco-friendly, I am a BIG BIG FAN of The Honest Company.  I have never seen such buzz around a new company as I have with this one, and you can blame/thank Jessica Alba for that (not to mention the products are actually fantastic).  Founded by Jessica Alba and Christopher Gavigan (founder of Healthy Child, Healthy World), The Honest Company makes a variety of non-toxic and environmentally-safe products for skin care, cleaning, and the best disposable diapers I have ever used or seen.  I mean, I’ve not PERSONALLY used them on MYSELF, but on babies.  Why are you staring at me?  Not only are they adorable, but they REALLY retain fluids (and other things we do not enjoy) without the use of petrochemicals(definition:  tons of nasty crap you don’t really want on your kid’s skin if you can help it).  Honest is a subscription-based service so you can actually choose the products you need, and those you WANT, and have them delivered monthly to your door.  I actually had the pleasure of having breakfast with Jessica and Christopher a few months ago and was shocked by how involved and committed to this project Jessica was.  Sometimes a celebrity will just slap their name on a project and call it a day, but she is whip-smart and incredibly passionate about this cause.  She’s a great lady with a WONDERFUL thing going, and I am so excited for the success of this company.  Christopher and Jessica, you guys have NAILED IT.  Honest is giving you $100 to use in their online store.  FAIR WARNING:  all of you just go ahead and get the bubble bath.  It’s the best I’ve ever seen or used.  Like, ever.  And I am currently out.  I hope they read this 😉


With all these products that are better for the environment, wouldn’t it be nice to get out and actually see the world you live in?  Well, Mountain Buggy is giving you their brand-spankin-new Mountain Buggy Mini.  I saw this stroller at the ABC Kids Expo (and am eagerly awaiting my OWN), and I am very excited to see how it does.  If you can take the same warhorse of a stroller that Mountain Buggy is, lighten it up a bit, give it a one-handed fold, and tires that cannot go flat—I THINK you might have a kick-a product on your hands.  Weighing in at right around 17 lbs, you’ve got a great lightweight and durable stroller option on your hands.  The Mountain Buggy Mini retails for $349.99 and is available at Our Baby Our World.


Notice that BuggyLOVE logo?  Well, if you’ve noticed a theme in this contest it’s that every time there’s a stroller involved, the winner also receives a kit from BuggyLOVE.  It’s true today, and I am JUST SAYIN “if” there are more strollers in future days it will continue.  Just sayin’.  BuggyLOVE is a great product that is a 100% Natural way to clean your dirty ol’ stroller.  Wheel lube, frame polish, stain remover, fabric refresher, and more—everything you’ll need to make is shine like new.  The BuggyLOVE Organic Stroller Kit retails for $49.99.


So, this kit is about being better to the environment and getting out and enjoying  it—and it’s also worth about $700.  Get to it!!!

And as in all my contests:   if you win and don’t need one of the prizes—please consider donation to a charity or shelter.



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