#12DaysOfBabyGuy: The Sequel. DAY NINE.

DAY NINE!!!!  I cannot believe this contest is winding down.  So far there have been over 85 THOUSAND individual entries, and the number continues to grow.  I’m astonished.  Let’s keep the trend going today, shall we??  Join me below!!!



If you’ve been following this contest, you know I am a big fan of organicKidz and their line of stainless steel bottles–including their new thermal line which allows you to have a hot or cold beverage and not torture your hand at the same time.  Stainless steel is a safer alternative to plastic (it cannot harbor bacteria and doesn’t leach chemicals when heated) and it’s lighter than glass.  organicKidz was founded in 2008 by my friend Jane.  Jane wanted a safer alternative for kids while bottle-feeding after realizing the bottles she were using, which were supposedly the “best,” had high levels of BPA in them.  Not only are they bottles, they also convert into a sippy cup and a water bottle, and they are incredibly cute.  BIG fan.  You will be as well because you’re getting a $200 gift card to their online store to spend as you please!!!  HOLLER!

Bottles get dirty, and my favorite cleaning products on the market are made by Dapple.  I use them in my house and I recommend them to all my friends–even those without kids.  Free of nasty chemicals and dyes, and using a hint of lavender essential oil to give it a wee bit of fragrance, they’re very effective and I am seriously obsessed with them.  I wish they made candles so my whole house could smell like Dapple all day—you hear me, ladies!?!?!  PRODUCT IDEA!!!  The winner will receive the Dapple On-The-Go Essentials Kit:  Baby Bottle and Dish Liquid, Toy & Surface Wipes, Individually-wrapped Pacifier Wipes, and Handwash In Sink—all in TSA-Friendly packages so you can travel wherever you need!!!  The On-The-Go Essentials Kit retails for $9.99.


You’ve washed those bottles with Dapple, now where are you going to dry them?  You’re gonna use the boon Lawn.  End.  Of.  Story.  I use it for everything (especially wine glasses, thank YOU).  It’s hip, a great conversation piece, and easy-to-clean.  Because the Lawn gets crowded, you’re also going to get two Stems and a Twig so that you can elevate nipples, bottle rings, and other small items while they dry.  This package retails for $48, and all these products can be found at Magic Beans and other specialty retailers.


Starting solids is always a “fun” experience.  Luckily there’s Sage Spoonfuls.  If you’ve been following me at ALL you know it’s HANDS DOWN my favorite “baby food making contraption” on the market.  It’s a processor and immersion blender in one(it doesn’t have a steamer built-in because she–and many others–don’t think you should steam food in plastic) as well as food storage containers, stickers, and the best baby food cookbook I’ve ever seen.  Liza Huber, founder, has completely impressed me with this product, her devotion to healthy eating habits, and her passion behind her brand.  I am also very proud to call her and her family friends of mine, and I cannot WAIT to see this company explode even more than it already has…and I am super excited for the arrival of her latest nugget 😉  The winner will receive the On-The-Go Kit from Sage Spoonfuls.  It retails for $134.99 and is available at Magic Beans.

Eating at home is all fine and dandy, but what if you eat on-the-go or at a restaurant?  I want you to get there safely and in style and comfort.  You’re getting the Peg-Perego Primo Viaggio SIP 5/70 Convertible Car Seat.  It has blown my mind, and quickly become my #1 recommendation for most families looking for a convertible.  It has a rear-facing weight limit of 45 lbs and a forward-facing weight limit of 70 lbs, great harness height, and is not very “deep” in rear-facing mode (this means the rider in front has a bit more leg room and it fits in smaller cars more easily).  Peg-Perego has REALLY nailed it with this car seat.  Don’t believe me?  Watch my video below.  LOVE LOVE LOVE this seat, and it’s currently in my Top 3 Convertible Seats–but that’s another post altogether 😉  The Peg-Perego Primo Viaggio SIP 5/70 Convertible price varies from $329.99-379.99 depending upon style and fabric option, and is available at Magic Beans and other specialty retailers.

So, the total of this Feeding Frenzy package is nearly $800.  So CHOW DOWN!!!!

And if you win something you do not need or want, please consider donating to a charity or shelter.  Thank you.

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