#12DaysOfBabyGuy: The Sequel. DAY ONE.

Ahhh, Day One of #12DaysOfBabyGuy:  The Sequel is upon us.  I figured we’d start it off big.  As in REALLY big.  And since it’s the beginning of the contest, why not focus on starting baby off with a “Beautiful Beginnings” package.  Get ready.  It’s awesome.

Because babies don’t grow in a cabbage patch, and mom goes through quite a bit to get that nugget out, let’s make packing for her stay at the hospital a bit easier with the push pack.  This great bag full of goodies has basically everything mom needs—and it keeps her from stressing-out and packing her own hospital bag.  Toiletries, nipple cream, other lady things I won’t mention—the push pack really has it all and GREAT brands on top of that.  The push pack retails for $65.


You’re going to need to wash baby’s clothes, so you’re going to need the dye-free and scent-free laundry detergent from dapple.  I use it on my own clothes—this is a fact.  It’s wonderful, and recommended to all my moms and dads.  Dapple Fragrance-Free Baby Laundry Detergent retails for $8.99.


Bath time for baby and mom (and dad) is made a wonderful and non-toxic experience with products from Earth Mama Angel Baby.  The lavender essential oil smells so good you’ll probably just go whiff it when you need to calm down–and that will be frequently.  C’mon, you’re a parent….This Calming Lavender Bundle includes a 5.3 oz bottle of their wonderful soap, as well as a travel size AND a liter refill!!  You’ll be set for a nice long time—and it’s certified Organic by Oregon Tilth on top of that.  Who needs crap in their soap?  Not you—and not your baby.  The Calming Lavender Bundle retails for $43.88.


As baby grows, you’ll want to keep track of various milestones.  Sticky Bellies is giving you $50 to their site so you can get stickers to slap on that baby belly for an adorable way to take baby pics and keep track of how old they are.  They’re adorable and your friends will be asking you where you got them.


You can also track baby’s development with this really cool Milestones Chart from StrangeBirdyStudios.  Instead of a boring memory book, they’ve produced a large infographic that you fill in with information and hang on the wall.  It’s incredibly cool and something you’ll keep for years—as well as being made from 100% recycled material and produced with windpower.  How cool is THAT?  The StrangeBirdy Milestones Poster retails for $45.


As baby grows they’re going to need some toys, and kushies is hooking you up.  Their Zolo Stacrobats are some of the coolest stacking toys I’ve ever seen, and their Zolo Shangrila Activity Mat is full of toys and textures for baby to play with, as well as being very vibrant without being an eyesore.  This bundle of toys from Kushies retails for $195.98.


Your baby is going to want a cool place to hang out, right?  So why not kick it up a notch with the 4moms Mamaroo Plush.  This activity seat for the tech-savvy has 5 different movements in many directions and speeds to help soothe baby, as well as a reclining seat, a toy arm with plush balls, and an mp3 dock.  Yes, you too can play your favorite 80s music for your baby and not listen to chimes.  You’re welcome.  The Mamaroo Plush retails for $239.99.


Speaking of 4moms, and because I am absolutely OBSESSED with the Breeze, you’re gonna get one of those as well.  The Breeze is hands-down one of the coolest things I’ve ever seen.  Playard assembly is a giant pain in the ass, but the Breeze allows you to do it one-handed with VERY little effort.  If you’ve not seen my video, here you go.  I think the swearing it induced says it all.  The 4moms Breeze retails for $299.99.


I am also a huge fan of babywearing.  Years ago when I worked retail at a big box store, I was shown one of the first Ergo carriers.  A lady was wearing it and told me she bought it in Hawaii.  I read everything I could about it and presented it to my manager, who then presented it to corporate.  Until we had it I would send people elsewhere to get it, and they threatened to fire me for it—but I truly believed it was a much more comfortable carrier than the options we had in the store at that time.  It took nearly a year to finally get it in-store, but I will pat myself on the back and say that “I, Jamie Grayson, am the reason Ergo Baby was introduced to BuyBuyBaby.”  So, you’re gonna get yourself an Ergo Carrier Designer Collection-Winter Edition.  That’s right.  Quilted lining, sheepskin trim, handmuff—you and your baby will be NAILING IT this winter—or if you visit Ice Planet Hoth.  And all the features designed for warmth are removable so you can use it year-round.  The Designer Collection Winter Carrier retails for $195.


But wait—I seem to have missed a step.   How are you going to get your baby home?  Don’t you fret.  You’re going to be using the Orbit Baby Travel System.  The Orbit Baby Infant Car Seat has one of the most secure and consistent, as well as easiest and quickest, base installs I have EVER seen or used, and since you can dock their infant seat right on top of that stroller frame, you’re covered.  The G2 Stroller frame has great maneuverability and 4-wheel suspension, a terrific fold, a lovely cup holder, and on top of it all it’s the most eco-friendly stroller/car seat around.  No brominated flame retardants here:  all fabrics are Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certified so you needn’t be worried about the fabrics touching your little guy.  Of course, the feature that REALLY sets Orbit apart is the innovative Smart Hub that allows your seat to spin 360 degrees.  This not only allows for less back strain when putting the car seat in your car, it also allows you to spin that seat sideways so that handles don’t stick out in areas of foot traffic (such as restaurants—and we ALL want a happy waiter, don’t we??).  I love Orbit, you’ll love Orbit.  The Orbit Baby Travel System retails for $940.


Fact:  kids spill things.  Furniture, carpet, strollers—they’re all fair game when it comes to stains.  Luckily you’ll be armed with BUGGYLOVE and their 100% Natural Stroller Cleaning Kit.  Full of products that smell delicious, are non-toxic, and (most importantly) WORK, BUGGYLOVE makes cleaning your dirty stroller a bit less painful.  The kit includes fabric refresher, frame polish, wheel lubricant, universal surface cleaner, stain remover, a microfiber cloth, and a nice durable brush for scrubbing.  I LOVE this company, and you’ll be seeing more of them this week 😉  The BUGGYLOVE kit retails for $49.99.


Having a winter bambino?  Keep them warm in their infant car seat with the Tivoli Couture Car Seat Jacket.  This product covers the car seat like a plush cap, which means that nothing is coming between the baby and the car seat—so it’s a safe and stylish way to keep baby warm.  It’s also wicked cute—I mean, c’mon—it has a popped collar  and a pocket!!  The Tivoli Couture Car Seat Jacket retails for $79.99.


Eventually your baby will begin solids, and to make sure they have a great place to sit, Peg-Perego is giving you their Siesta.  Retailing for $299.99, the Siesta is stylish, roomy, easy-to-clean thanks to an easily removable seat cushion, and has a full recline and adjustable foot rest—so you could even use this as a lounger for a newborn should you want them off the floor and away from pets or “curious” older kids.  My nephew sits in his daily and loves it.  Enough said.


Yep.  That about does it for today.  That’s over $2,500 in products.  Enter below.  Enter correctly.  I verify EVERY method when the winner is pulled using Rafflecopter, and if anything is wrong, you don’t win…and that makes us all sad.


Love you guys—and GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!


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