#12DaysOfBabyGuy: The Sequel. DAY SEVEN.

Because some of you out there might have toddlers, and I am sure most of you know a few if you don’t have them, I thought I’d leave baby gear for today’s giveaway.  Today is dedicated to those two-and-a-half-foot-tall towers of terror:  toddlers.  I give you: Toddler Tower.


Fact:  Most toddlers are REALLY into toys.  In fact, they usually cannot get enough of them.  I am a HUGE Skip*Hop fan, and they recently unveiled their terrific new wooden toy line.  Featuring the same characters from Treetop Friends or Alphabet Zoo Skip*Hop prints, their wooden toys are bright, well-made, and great for little hands to grab.  ABC House Bricks, Alphabet Zoo Rock & Stack Pull Toy, and the Flapping Owl Pull Toy are three of my personal favorites.  Speaking of three favorites, the winner will receive THREE of the new wooden toys from Skip*Hop of their own choosing!!!  This prize ranges from $50-75.


Chances are you’re going to be playing with your toys on the floor, and one thing all parents hate is a MESS everywhere.  Picking up random toys lying around is not one of the thrills of parenting–nor is stepping on said toys BAREFOOT.  Luckily, swoop bags are there for you.  Made out of durable canvas in terrific colors, these are circular playmats  for the floor.  Need to clean up the mess?  Grab the drawstrings on the side and lift the mat:  it closes into a bag in one fell swoop.  You can throw them in the closet, in a bin, or hang them on the wall.  They’re really  cute, very well-made, and a terrific idea.  I cannot guarantee that all your kid’s toys will stay on the mat while they play, but it will make getting things off that floor a LOT easier.  The winner will receive one large swoop bag worth $48.


Not in the mood to play on the floor?  I get it!!  Class it up a bit with the Play With Me Table and Chairs.  This kid-sized furniture set is made of wood and will blend-in with any home décor so that you don’t have plastic EVERYWHERE.  The three chairs and stool included in this set also stack for easy storage.  Want to sit and hang out with the kids?  You can because every product in this set has a weight limit of 250 lbs.  So sit back, relax, and enjoy bonding time with the kiddos!!  The Svan Play With Me Table and Chairs set retails for $200.  You can find a local retailer at


Playtime can make you work up an appetite and a wicked thirst.  Zoli makes terrific stacking snack cups called the Sumo.  Made of BPA-free plastic, these simply screw together to make a tower—so you can use as many or as few as you want.  It’s a great way to carry snacks with you when you travel, and they’re just the right size for a nice snack.  Thirsty?  Check out the Zoli Bot.  This cup has a silicone straw that is weighted in the end that’s in the liquid.  This way, no matter which way your toddler tips their glass, the straw is always in the fluid and they can get a drink.  Genius.  The Sumo and Bot retail for a combined $32.


Tired of playing?  Take a break in the amazing new Nook Pebble Lounger.  Nook made quite a splash with their innovative Pebble Mattress line, and they’ve expanded this design into other areas.  The Pebble Lounger launched at ABC Kids Expo this year (if you’re lucky I MIGHT share a pic of me sitting on it).  It’s curved design is great for lounging on the floor, its memory foam core is VERY comfortable (again, I need this in adult sizes—thanks in advance), and its modern look will make your kid the envy of the playgroup.  Who am I kidding?  YOU will be envious of them—just wait until they go to bed, then use it as a wedge against the couch for reclining on the floor.  The Nook Pebble Lounger retails for $249.


What’s better than relaxing and looking at art?  Let your kid help design their own room layout (or organize your OWN life) with decals from WallCandy Arts.  These reusable decals come in so many designs I could fill an entire post.  I personally have their owls in a hallway in my apartment, the nightlights in my kitchen, and chalkboards all OVER the place in my house.  I am obsessed with their ease-of-use and fun design–the fact that they’re made of non-toxic vinyl is an added bonus (no smell when you open that tube of fun!!).  In fact, I just found out about their new nightscape wall stickers and I *might* need a set of those.  WallCandy Arts is giving you $100 to use in their online store.


So, the total of this prize package is worth an estimated $700.  Get thee to Rafflecopter and enter to win!!!  GOOD LUCK!


And if you win something you do not need or want, please consider donating it to a shelter or charity.  Thank you.

And because I like you guys, here is the pic I said I might share.  This is me, fresh off the plane to Kentucky, at the ABC Kids Expo trying to fit onto the Nook Pebble Lounger.  Yes, those are wine glasses double-stacked in my hand.  Yes, that’s an “I Slapped Ouiser Boudreaux” t-shirt.  THIS, my friends, is why you follow me on Instagram 😉

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