#12DaysOfBabyGuy: The Sequel. DAY SIX.

In February I had the distinct pleasure of being sent to New Zealand to work with the phil&teds and Mountain Buggy team. The surprised me at ABC Kids Expo 2011 with a Kiwi Fruit in a box and a flyer with Gollum and my face. Comedy gold–and one of the biggest surprises of my life.  They were absolutely amazeballs to me down there, and I had over a week to see both islands and visit with them at their offices in Wellington.  I could go on and ON AND ON about the time I had, and the wine I drank, and the food I had, and the wine I drank, and the mountains my hotel was at the base of in Queenstown where the “Lord of the Rings” trilogy was filmed, and the wine I drank—but I won’t.  I came away from New Zealand with tremendous love for the country, the people there, and a great sense of the phil&teds and Mountain Buggy brand and the insane and wonderful people who work there.


When I was working retail there was the phil&teds e3 buggy.  THIS was the one that introduced the inline buggy concept to the world.  Take your stroller, snap a seat onto the back, and then you have a double.  Pretty brilliant—especially for those parents who worry about crowding up sidewalks, stores, and other public areas.  To say the e3 exploded in NYC would be an understatement.  IT.  BLEW.  UP.  Over the past years, they’ve continued to modify their strollers and make improvement.  Like any manufacturer, some of these changes have been successful and some have not.  What makes a great manufacturer is someone who listens to their customer base.  phil&teds, as a brand, are continually striving for innovation in the market, quality in their products, and they have a terrific sense of fun about them.  Today I am proud to be able to give a lucky winner my personal favorite of ALL of the inline buggies since the initial e3.


The Verve.  When I first received it I was like “ok, it’s the Vibe with 4 wheels.  Great.”  The Vibe was their entry into a sleeker frame and a sexier-looking stroller instead of their usual utility esthetic.  While I wasn’t the biggest Vibe fan, I can say the Verve far exceeded my expectations.  Aside from looking terrific and giving you the inline feature, those four wheels make it SO much easier to maneuver and it’s one of the smoothest rides I have EVER personally pushed.  Ever.  Four wheels in front also make it much more stable for bumping up and down curbs and you’re gonna take terrain like a boss.  With the Verve you can have a single stroller or a double just be adding that Double Kit—and you’re gonna get the ENTIRE THING.  The Verve with Double Kit retails for $850 and is available from Stroller Depot.




And you’re gonna get the Organic Stroller Cleaning Kit from BuggyLOVE as well.  It’s enjoyable, non-toxic, and is a great way to clean the gunk off  your strollers.  Let’s face it:  strollers get gunky.  The BuggyLOVE Organic Stroller Cleaning Kit retails for $49.99.


So, the total of this package comes to $900.  Not.  Too.  Shabby.  GOOD LUCK!!!


And if you win something you do not need or want, please consider donating to a charity or shelter.


And did I mention I drank wine in New Zealand??? And I’ve still got that pic of me and Gollum 😉


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