#12DaysOfBabyGuy: The Sequel. DAY TWO.

Day Two of #12DaysOfBabyGuy:  The Sequel is upon us, and today it’s all about boobs.  That’s right, it’s a “Breastfeeding Bounty” of a giveaway.  Here we go!!!


Fact:  Sometimes breasts do, indeed, drip.  Why use disposable pads made out of paper that will chafe your already tender spots when you can use bamboobies.  These nursing pads made from bamboo are SO incredibly soft your nipples won’t know what to do with themselves.  Seriously.  Available in different thicknesses for nighttime use or during the day, bamboobies are in a heart shape so that they are practically invisible under your clothes.  But wait, bamboobies is (are?) so much more than just nursing pads.  They also make shawls for nursing privately in public (should you want to) and other breastfeeding accoutrements—not to mention the founder is a sassy dame I adore.  You’re getting $80 in products of YOUR CHOOSING from bamboobies—and a softer, gentler experience.  Fact: right before I finished this post someone on Facebook said she heard they were like “cashmere for nursing moms.” This is a truth. Available online and in-store at The Juvenile Shop in California and other fine specialty retailers.


Speaking of nipple care, let’s chat about Earth Mama Angel Baby.  I make NO SECRET that I use their Nipple Butter as lip balm—I keep it in my bag.  In fact, if any of you ever meet me and I have my bag you should ask to see it as proof.  YOU will love the mix of calendula, olive oil, and shea butter and the fact that it’s lanolin-free.  Also included is the 100% Organic Milk Maid Tea, which encourages and supports healthier milk production AND a set of Booby Tubes.  Keep Booby Tubes in the freezer or warm them up—whichever you need they’ll feel great when you’re engorged and not loving life.  All this comes in a canvas tote!  I adore the team at Earth Mama Angel Baby.  Always have, always will.  Melinda—keep fighting the good fight.  The Earth Mama Angel Baby Breastfeeding Essentials Bundle retails for $35.27.


The above picture might be funny, but I SWEAR this product is genius.  You’re gonna need a great pumping bra, and my favorite and a MUST for every pumping mama is the Simple Wishes Hands-Free Pumping Bra.  I’ve actually demonstrated this on myself at many public events AND on television because I have no shame and believe in it so much.  This will allow you to sit and pump and Facebook me ‘til your heart’s content.  The Simple Wishes Hands-Free Pumping Bra retails for $40.  And you’re gonna need a place to store that milk, right?  So you’re getting a 50-pack of the perfect HoneySuckle Breastmilk Storage Bags.  They’re leak-proof, recyclable, bio-degradable, and there’s a foolproof tamper-resistant seal at the top to ensure your bag is new before you use it.  Nailing it.  The 50-count box retails for $10.90.  Shop online at Simple Wishes.


Because you’re gonna need to wash that bra and your bamboobies, Dapple Baby is throwing in a box of their Handwash in Sink packets.  Why run a whole load of clothes in the washer when you can throw this in the sink along with your unmentionables (that we ARE mentioning, btw) and get things clean!!  The Dapple Sink Wash packet retails for $8.99.


Breastfeeding on-the-go is often not as comfortable as you want because you don’t have a nursing pillow for support…until now.  When I first saw the warm milk Baby Hobo Nursing Bag at ABC Kids Expo I was floored at how innovative, necessary, and OBVIOUS this product was.  Take a great messenger bag that you can use as a diaper bag.  Baby needs to eat?  Flip it over, unzip the side and flip that down, and you’ve got a soft nursing pillow built into the side of the bag.  Absolutely genius.  Great product.  Great great great.  And YOU are going to get the bag of your choice.  The warm milk Baby Hobo varies in price depending upon style.


I’ll be honest:  clothing is not my thing.  I can barely dress myself and am missing the gay gene of fashion sense.  I was first drawn to Zutano because of their insanely bold prints and vivid colors—which I enjoy tremendously on a kiddo.  After I did some research on the company I was FLOORED at their “Babies at Work” employee policy.  After a baby is born and comes home from the hospital—OR adopted, the parent is allowed to bring their baby with them to work for the first year because Zutano understands how important that first year is for parent and child.  In fact, Zutano was founded by two parents who wore their babies while they worked.  Bonding while working, breastfeeding while designing outfits, and cribs in a quiet spot in the office are a shining example of how one company is trying to make the transition into working parenthood a bit easier.  For this (and the fact that they ALWAYS have a coffee for me when I need it), Zutano, you are to be applauded.  And YOU will applaud them for a $200 gift card.


All this talk about breastfeeding and no pump?  AS IF.  I’ll just be blunt:  Hygeia is my #1 recommended electric breast pump.  That’s it.  Eco-friendly, shareable, recyclable, a 3-year-warranty, completely adjustable speed and suction strength, a quiet motor, WHO Code compliant, and a dedicated team working in the world of breastfeeding education NOT just pimping their products out are just a handful of the reasons I stand behind this company 500%.  As long as Hygeia is around, they will be my number 1.  End of story.  And YOU will be getting the Hygeia Enjoye LBI which comes in a lovely tote bag so you can carry your pump with you as well as a rechargeable battery so you are NOT harnessed to an outlet while pumping.  Enjoy your Enjoye.  I enjoy it so much I *might* have re-written the words to “Maria” from West Side Story, changed it to “Hygeia” and made a song about it you can enjoy on YouTube.  This breast pump sucks—in a very good way.  The Hygeia Enjoye retails for  $329.99.



I hope this package helps you nail it.  If you win it and don’t need some of the prizes, donate or gift them to a family that does—it will change someone’s life.  It’s worth over $800.  Good luck!!!


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