#12DaysOfStrollers: DAY TEN

It’s that time of year…again.  This is my third year doing a 12 Days of Christmas-themed giveaway, but this year I thought I’d change it up a bit.  One year I gave away prizes that corresponded to the number of the day (12 winners on Day 12, etc), last year I just gave away a ton of stuff.  This year it’s strollers.  All.  Strollers.





Day 10 is the first power-folding stroller on the market.  The 4moms Origami is cool.  I’ve not met a single person who hasn’t been impressed by the fact that it folds itself.  Ever.  Add in headlights, an odometer to keep track of how far you’ve walked, and the ability to CHARGE YOUR SMARTPHONE, and the Origami is the perfect stroller for tech nerds.  EMBRACE YOUR INNER NERDERY!!!! You’ll be better off for it.

Enter below for your chance to win and wow your friends at parties.  Curious how it folds?  Watch this BRIEF video that I made TWO YEARS AGO TODAY (crazy, btw) to see the Origami in action.


Yeah, you’re winning the Origami AND Phone Charging Kit.


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