#50K50Winners: Day Four

February 23, 2010. That was the day I launched my Facebook Page and begin this crazy journey. I started backwards. I began with Twitter, thinking that would be my audience and my voice…but it wasn’t. I still enjoy Twitter, but my community is here. I didn’t really start using Facebook seriously for another year—it took me time to figure out exactly what I wanted out of it and how to use it as a “business”—and that still changes daily. On December 12, 2012, I hit my first “big” milestone. 10K “Likes”. It blew my mind that so many of you would care about what I do. Fast-forward to August of 2013 when I hit 20K….and then a few months after that I hit 50K on January 31st. The growth on “my” page the past few months has been crazy, and I thank all of YOU for that.


This is OUR page. Baby gear. Movies. Cocktails. Whatever. Yes, babies and parenting are the focus, but I think it’s important to have a break from that because we’d all lose our minds.


So, to thank all of YOU for being so awesome and sharing this page with friends, for interacting, and for turning this page into something completely different and special and wonderful and crazy, I got a few friends together. Good luck.





I’m going to go out on a limb here. Until about a year or a year-and-a-half ago, Beco was the secret underdog in the world of soft-structured carriers. Not in a bad way at all, but they flew just under the mainstream radar–while always being very popular in the babywearing world. During the last year or so I’ve watched Beco gain momentum, exposure, and blow up on social media–and this makes me very happy. Beco makes terrific carriers, is run by a great team, and thinks outside of the box with social media promotions. They’re also HUGE supporters of MommyCon and Bump Club Beyond (my two social groups for parents that I work with all over the country). Also, Alex (while straight) is always my wrangler, idea-bouncer-offer, drinking buddy, and friend at all the events where I sometimes get overwhelmed in a sea of women. I encourage ANY of you who run across a Beco booth at an event to say “hi” to Alex (and if Emily is working, she’s ok too…just don’t let her know I said that).





Today I’m working with Beco to give away 5 Gemini Carriers and 5 Soleil Carriers. Want to know the differences? In a nutshell: Gemini allows for a carry in front with kiddo facing in or out, a back carry, and a hip carry. The Soleil has a wider seat, only allows for facing in while on the front, and has a taller “back”–which means more comfort and support for toddlers/bigger babies. There are a couple other differences, but those are the MAJOR ones. And this is a major week for giveaways. So there.



Oh yeah, I’m sure you’ve noticed the Magic Beans logo on the pic of AB. It’s no secret that Magic Beans might just be my favorite store on the planet, and the owners are my friends, kindred spirits, and chosen family in this crazy baby gear space. With stores in Boston and a NEW STORE IN FAIRFIELD, CT, the crew at Magic Beans do it well.


So each day of this giveaway they’ve donated 2 $50 GIFT CARDS!!!!!




So that’s 12 winners today. GOOD LUCK!!!!!


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