A Snap to Have a Snack

There’s something interesting I’ve noticed in my years of dealing with strollers: there is a significant difference between strollers designed in Europe and strollers designed in America. You’re probably thinking: Yeah—European strollers are sexier. While that’s generally true, I’m going to draw to your attention the glaringly obvious:

Cupholders and Trays.

Look at the Stokke Xplory, the Bugaboo line, the Micralites, Mamas & Papas. Although cupholders are available now, there are no trays! I remember when the cup holders finally launched for the Bugaboo strollers. People lost their minds and you would’ve thought it was the second coming if you were in BBB on the weekends. The Xplory cupholder is also “relatively” new considering how long the stroller has been available. The simple fact is: in Europe people take breaks. They’re not in a constant rush like we are here, so they don’t need cup holders. Trays? Forget it. Here in America we feed our kids all day long. That’s really not the case elsewhere. I am not here to judge your parenting style.  So it’s not a surprise that it takes these companies a LONG TIME to realize there’s a market for such items here in the good ol’ US of A.

I am here to tell you that there’s FINALLY a great tray for the Bugaboo.

Invented by a mother, Lauren Moore, the Tray Vous is a GREAT tray for your Frog or Cameleon. Using a pair of adapters that allow your pre-existing belly bar to angle differently, the Tray Vous is easy to attach to create a sturdy place for whatever snacks your little one might need. There’s also a recessed area to accommodate a sippy cup.

This is a great mom-invented product and I am thrilled to let you all know about it! Go! Get it now!

Available at for $49.95


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