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B & Me NYC

If you’ve been here for a bit, you know my sister is a HUGE fan of the B&Me Booker Coat. It has zippers and panels that make it ideal for babywearing, and a great option for maternity as well!!!!

Well. Now there’s the Booker Vest. Because sometimes it’s not so cold out OR you need to live your life and layer. Because when you layer, you look nice. At least that is what Instagram and fashion blogs tell us. So go pinterest that sh*t.

The Booker Vest has hidden zippers on the side which adjust to allow you more room, as well as a two-way center zipper. It has pockets, as well as a drawstring at the bottom which will prevent drafts from blowing up your top and chilling you and that cargo on your chest. It’s available in Brown or Black, and for men or women!!! YES! Buy two and match and go to brunch!!!!

But seriously. We are big fans. Anything to help babywearing parents (or caregivers) is a big win to us.



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