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Due to conflicting broadcasts with my friend Shari Criso and “My Baby Experts” on Tuesday at 9 EST, I’ve decided to move this party to Wednesday at 9 EST.  I do NOT want to interfere with Shari’s show–especially this week since it is a two hour event about breastfeeding.  It’s CRUCIAL information from a wonderful source.  Make sure you check it out!!!!!  I am sorry for change of time, and I apologize for any inconvenience this might cause.  Thanks for understanding–this way you get best of both worlds!!!




Hello all!! I know it’s been ages since I last post something, and I do apologize. Sooooo, to make up for it, I’ve teamed up with Britax for a special event that YOU can take part in on Tuesday, August 2nd, at 9 EST.

I’ve thrown a few Twitter Parties in my day. For those of you who don’t know, let me elaborate:

Twitter Party: noun; an hour-long event hosted on Twitter where a hashtag (#) is followed, allowing you to turn Twitter into a chat room and discuss various topics.

Prizes are usually given out. Twitter feeds are usually slammed. I’m usually thrown in Twitter Jail for Tweeting too much.

This one’s gonna be different. After the success of my last party using Ustream, I’ve decided to use it again. We’ll be chatting about a few new Britax products, I’ll give you full demonstrations of them, and then people will win things!!!

What will I be discussing?? The new Britax B-Agile stroller, the B-Safe car seat, and the Frontier 85 SICT.

Seems like a lot of effort? Confused? Don’t worry. It’s crazy easy.


You MUST RSVP below to be eligible.

To be eligible for the B-Agile and B-Safe stroller/car seat combo, you must RSVP below AND attend the Ustream broadcast.

To be eligible for the Frontier 85 SICT:

1.RSVP below
2.Comment on for an additional entry and make sure to post Facebook post here!!!
3.Tweet “Check out #BabyGuyBritax Video Twitter Party Giveaway!! Info at” : for an additional entry, post Tweet here 😉
4.Want even more entries? If you blog about this contest, and my site, you’ll get 5 additional entries! Just make sure you link to my site AND send me the link to the post!!!
**because of entry methods required, this winner will be notified by email once I sort everything out, and have 48 hours to respond

Check out on August 2nd at 9EST (Hint: Log in a bit before).

Because this is a hybrid Twitter Party/Video presentation, it’s a bit different: If you want to Tweet—AMAZING. Use #BabyGuyBritax as your hashtag at the end of every tweet. Use to follow #BabyGuyBritax!!!


I’ll see you all on TUESDAY!  If you have any questions about this, please ask and I shall answer!!!!



Disclaimer:  I was compensated for this post/party 😉


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