bambino mio miosolo

Cloth diapers have sure come a long way since the #DawnOfPrefolds.

Years ago when I was first introduced to Bambino Mio, I didn’t know a ton about cloth or cloth-hybrid diapers—-I just thought they were a cute little brand from the UK. They were also one of the first cloth-hybrid diapers I’d been exposed to. Bambino Mio makes optional bio-liners, called mioliners, which are an insert that line cloth diapers and enable you to simply lift them out and flush them, along with any solids, down the toilet—-and they’re biodegradable. Because sometimes sh*t happens and sometimes it’s hard to clean.

Fast-forward a few years, and Bambino Mio has launched a new diaper: miosolo.  The miosolo is an AIO (all in one) that is adjustable to fit babies and toddlers of all sizes up until potty-training age. Using a series of snaps and velcro, you can customize the fit of the miosolo to fit #babythighs of every shape and size. Internally, the miosolo has an absorbent core pad that has a tab at one end. This allows you to pull it out for easy laundering—and it stays attached so you’re not searching for stuffing.

Now back to colors and prints. There’s a TON available.  In the photo collage you can get a sense of their sense of style. Koalas? Duh. Because we NEED MORE KOALAS ON DIAPERS.

BONUS: Because it’s a British brand, you can say “nappies” like they do and feel elegant

Make sure to visit Bambino Mio to see more styles AND get more information!!!!



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