Maclaren – Globetrotter

Whenever I work with clients regarding their stroller purchases, I always try to emphasize how important it is to have a really good walking/all-terrain stroller, as well as a lightweight travel option. Sometimes you can almost mix the two into one, but often times you're better off getting both.

Maclaren has introduced the Globetrotter as the newest in their line of lightweight umbrella strollers, and it's terrific! Positioning itself smack-dab between the Triumph and their lightest stroller the Volo, the Globetrotter is a hybrid of the two.

Pulling from the Triumph you get comfortable fabric and seat padding, as well as a recline. The Volo has generously offered its mesh seat. Soooo, the Globetrotter is basically a Volo that reclines. No frills

At 10.6 pounds and featuring Maclaren's usual one-handed recline, the Globetrotter is a great option for people that want the Triumph with a nice, breathable seat….or a Volo, with more padding and a recline.

Suitable from 6 months up until 55 pounds, and retailing for $160, the Globetrotter actually gets you quite a bit of bang for your buck. Available in Black, Crown Blue, Festive Fuschia, and Scarlet.  I'm diggin' it.

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