Beachfront Baby

MAAAANY of you have been asking about carriers for water lately, and when we first put up a post about Beachfront Baby, LLC a year or so ago, you'd better believe they sold out of their inventory and it was a mad dash to find them in specialty retailers.

Beachfront Baby makes a mesh ring sling or wrap (you can pick) that is great for wearing in the water, in the shower, and hanging out where it's humid. Because ‪#‎SwampAss‬. Jennifer is a huge fan and used hers all the time with Veda, so we figured it would be a good day to reintroduce them…..because they've something new.

They now have carriers made with 100% Repreve® PC polyester. Each sling contains approximately 10 recycled plastic water bottles made from PET plastic — no BPA — which means you can feel a bit better knowing you've kept a few water bottles out of those landfills AND you get to babywear.



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