Well, the time has come for another jaunt in the madness and magic that is the ABC Kids Expo. This year it’s in Kentucky, and I couldn’t be happier! Kentucky is full of a few things I enjoy:

Fried Food.
Mint Juleps.

And from September 22nd through September 26th, it will be full of one other thing I love:


This event is amazing and I’ll have a FULL recap after it’s over, but to help get the buzz up, I’ll be hosting my Second Annual ABC Show Twitter Party.

On September 19th, at 9 EST, I’ll be manning Tweetgrid.com to ask questions, have fun, have a Julep, and do a few great product giveaways! If last year’s party was ANY indication, this one is gonna be huge!!!

Just follow the hashtag #BourbonBabyGuy for updates, and be sure to follow it that night to take part!!! You MUST RSVP below to be eligible for giveaways, and take part in the conversation to win!!

YES!! FREE THINGS!!! The giveaways are open to ALL attending, so a stroller company MIGHT win a breast pump—you never know!!!

Post any questions you have on Twitter or my Facebook Wall, and I’ll answer to the best of my ability! See you all there!!!

*****MANUFACTURERS:  want to feature your product during this party?  email me!!!!*****


*******For those of you unfamiliar with Tweetgrid.com, check it out prior to event. Click on tab that says “Party” and enter #BourbonBabyGuy in the appropriate field. Do the same in others, hit enter. Make sure you log in at the top. It’s easy!!!******


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