Boy Story Action Dolls

These dolls are awesome.

Meet Boy Story.

These “Action Dolls” were launched on Kickstarter last year when the founder saw a need for a boy doll in an obviously oversaturated female doll market. I know there are a LOT of fans of American Girl Dolls out there—so it’s time to let boys have their version. Finally.

Boy Story Action Dolls have ball joints (hence the ACTION), so they are fully posable–as you can see, my nephew Grayson NAILED IT. He has Mason, and the other doll is Billy. When I received Mason in the mail I was FLOORED by the quality of not only the doll, but the packaging. They come in a large blue box with a picture window in the front. Heirloom-quality dolls for boys. These would also be a PERFECT big-sibling gift if you’re expecting. AND these are great companion dolls for your girls who have American Girls.

So I gave Mason to Grayson, and the next morning received this text from my sister:

“By the way, Grayson is obsessed with that dog. He took his clothes off and tucked him into bed with a superhero cape last night and he got it up and got it dressed and put its shoes on this morning when he got ready for school.

Doll not dog”

I decided to leave the autocorrect mistake in there. You’re welcome, Jen!!!

Bottom line: play is play, dolls are not just for girls, and there is finally a great, high-quality option for the boys out there.

Boy Story Action Dolls retail for $99 OR you can get a gift set with a book for $115.

AND the folks at Boy Story have been VERY generous and given you guys the biggest discount they are doing this year. Use BABYGUY2017 for 25% OFF until FEBRUARY 20th!!!! Jot this down or save the photo with the info!

You can read more and snag one for yourself at Boy Story.

And we are giving TWO AWAY BELOW!!!

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