Breast Side Story

What happens when Broadway Musicals meet breast pumps?  The world might never know.  Thankfully, I had a glass of wine and had my iTunes on shuffle, and an idea hit me.  Ladies, and Gentlemen, I present to you the following *amazing* piece of art.

Hopefully, that STELLAR piece of film-making gets my point across. I love this pump. As of now, it's what I recommend to my clients, and I am proud to say my sister is also a huge fan. I was going to have her write this review, but when you have 3 kids under 2 years old, you don't have “free time” to do that, so it's just me.

What my sister loves:

1.It's rechargeable. She can carry it between floors of her house and not have to worry about cords. Cords suck. It's also very light, so if she's pumping and needs to get up and grab something, it's not an issue at all.
2.It's quiet. Other pumps she's used (and I've experienced) are not.
3.It's completely adjustable. Two dials allow you to control both the speed and the suction of the pump, allowing you a very comfortable pumping experience.
4.It easily converts from a single to a double pump.
5.It's very easy to clean.
6.It works. End of story.
7.Did I mention that it comes in a tote bag with plenty room for all of your parts, as well as having an included changing pad and room for diapers???

I've known about the Hygeia line of pumps for quite some time now, and I've been waiting to share a review with you until the appropriate time. I think that time is now. Knowing that my sister is using the best pump on the market (in my opinion) and is able to pump efficiently and without pain is a beautiful thing. I am picky with my products when it comes to recommendations for clients, and even worse when it comes to my family. With Hygeia I have nothing to worry about.

You won't, either.

The Hygeia EnJoye LBI Deluxe Tote Set retails for $319 and is available at
Other pumps and accessories vary in price.

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