Bugaboo Cameleon3

It’s been hard keeping quiet about this one, folks. It’s THAT good. ¬†Prepare yourselves and step inside…I am giving you an EXCLUSIVE video review of the soon-to-be-released Bugaboo Cameleon3.

Every year, most stroller manufacturers launch a “new” version of their stroller: new colors, a couple new features…a new price point.

Bugaboo has never been a company to make changes carelessly, and they’ve never gone with the “launch a new model every year” method. They take their time. This year they’re launching the Cameleon3: their new and MUCH improved version of the formidable and omnipresent Cameleon stroller. Actually, to say “much improved” would be an understatement.

Other strollers in this class have reason to be afraid.



While few could argue with the quality and sidewalk-gliding-maneuverability of the Bugaboo Cameleon (which is currently retailing for a SUBSTANTIAL price difference and a complete bargain for the quality of stroller you’ll receive), MANY people had complaints about the fold and unfolding of the stroller. Let’s look at the actual definition of BUGABOO: constant problem, source of worry, evil spirit. Yep, I’d say the fold of the Bugaboo was, in fact, a bugaboo for many parents. Forget the fact that the fold was in two pieces (that at least breaks the total weight up so you’re not lifting 20 lbs at one time)—if you didn’t have the fold nailed, the chassis would often lock into positions that would turn even the most patient parent into an aluminum-frame-wielding lunatic, kicking and thrashing as they tried to get into the car. Let us not forget, the ENTIRE reason I fell into the baby gear industry was the fact that the original owners of BuyBuyBaby thought they should hire actors to demonstrate products on the weekend that needed a bit more explanation. The Bugaboo Frog was one of these products, and I was hired to demo the Frog 3 days a week to masses of NYC parents (and tourists coming to take advantage of our monetary conversion). I can fold Bugaboos with the best of them–I’d actually like to see someone try to beat my #BugabooSkillz. I’ve actually assembled a Cameleon blindfolded in 3.5 minutes. Yes, I had former BBB gift wrap girl Lucy time it. I came up with SEVERAL ways of folding it, and it still seemed that many people had great difficulty with it.

They’ve taken care of that now. The Bugaboo Cameleon3 has an AMAZING one-handed open and the frame simply locks into place. No more loosey-goosey frame, no more kicking of the axel and bruising of the shins. Now you simply lift the handle, the wheels swing out and lock into place, and you snap your seat on and go. It’s amazing.

You still have the same great features of the Cameleon: bassinet, stroller seat, compatibility with most major car seats–and ALL of those options can face the parent or outward, AND you can have all-terrain wheels or adjustable suspension swivel wheels in front. It’s still suitable from birth-37.5 pounds, and weighs only 20. More importantly, you’ve still got Bugaboo’s absolutely ridiculous suspension and maneuverability, as well as their great aesthetic.

The undercarriage bag of the Bugaboo Cameleon3 is now a bit larger, and connects to the chassis with a nice snap strap instead of velcro.

Instead of a paperclip-like wheel release, there are now off-white buttons you simply press to remove wheels.

The harness now has a sliding height adjustment instead of threading and loops.

The handle tether is now quite a bit shorter, which should encourage people to not cut it off. It’s there for a reason, folks! You don’t want to act like Sigourney Weaver in Ghostbusters II and chase your wee one down the street should you let go of your stroller!

The bassinet support strips (fillets if you’re fancy) are now sewn into the fabric and with a quick pull of the velcro they release and the whole thing collapses flat–and you will not be searching for loose plastic parts.

Improved fold and unfold, great changes in the frame and components, and it’s STILL retailing at $979. I know, that’s still a lot of moolah, and it’s not in everyone’s budget. But if you’re looking for an incredibly maneuverable stroller that truly converts as your little one grows–and enables you to conquer sidewalks and off-road like a champion–you needn’t look much further than the Bugaboo Cameleon3. BONUS: if you decide to sell your stroller one day, which might happen, Bugaboo is one of the ONLY brands I’ve found that comes close to reselling for it’s original purchase price.



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