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Carried Away

Babywearing has become incredibly, and thankfully, more mainstream in the past few years. Carriers also continue to be a VERY controversial topic (one which I will cover in a later post). Happily, I am thrilled to offer TWO amazing carriers from Nap, Inc, as the next prizes in #BabyGuyMotherLode.

I was actually first introduced to Nap via Twitter. Yes, I am serious. They sent me a tweet and that’s how my love affair began. I received the Boba 2G in the mail shortly thereafter. Upon opening the box I was immediately impressed with the quality of the fabric: it’s really soft and the workmanship is great (Fact: I put myself through college sewing in a costume shop, so I can look at stitching and know what’s up!). Like other soft structured carriers, the Boba distributes the weight over your shoulders and onto your waist. The contoured shoulder straps insure that the Boba remains in place, and the center waist adjustment makes for a comfortable fit. This carrier, unlike others, has stirrups for the child’s feet. This supports their legs properly, maintaining circulation and comfort. In my experience, it takes kids a bit to get used to it, but they’re really terrific. Hint: slip them on their feet while they are alseep 😉 The Boba is for use for kids weighing 15 to a whopping 45 pounds.

But what can I use before that??

Answer: The SleepyWrap. Yes, Nap, Inc, has your bases covered. The SleepyWrap is a wonderful wrap that is actually incredibly easy to use. Methinks wraps get a bad reputation for being difficult—YouTube is an AMAZING resource for instructional videos! The SleepyWrap is a stretchy wrap, so you do have to tie it a bit tighter initially than most wraps, but I LOVE this wrap. It’s incredibly soft, breathable, and I could (and did) wear nuggets in it all day. Hint: Tie the wrap onto your body and just wear it empty—it will not get in the way. When your baby wakes up, just slide them in and you’re ready to go.


I could go on and on all day about how much I love wearing babies, and how much I love these carriers—but I won’t. Time for you to visit their sites!! Visit or What is one benefit of babywearing??

This is VERY IMPORTANT!!!! Three ways to enter:

1. Comment on the Blog
2. Comment on and leave that comment linked here
3. Tweet the following: “I entered to win the @SleepyWrap and @Boba in the #BabyGuyMotherLode at”



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