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Dapple Baby

This morning has been a struggle.
But cleaning your bottles, pump parts, and dishes shouldn't be. And that's why I am a HUGE fan of Dapple Baby cleaning supplies. I've been using them for years and years…..and years. These non-toxic cleaning supplies are plant-based and formulated to be safe for your family AND still work on grime….and milk residue. We are HUGE fans around here….and are happy to announce they've added a few scents to their line of dish & bottle soap.
For years I've been using the lavender scent and it made me happy while doing dishes. And that's damn-near impossible.
Now there are 3 more: Mango Melon, Apricot, and Apple Pear. I've been using the new scents since I moved to Denver and they are GLORIOUS.


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