Day 12 of #12DaysOfBabyGuy

I don’t even have a song for this day. I can’t. It’s too big. Rather than beat around the bush, I’m just gonna get to it.

If you don’t have one, your friends probably do. Baby Jogger has made a considerable dent in the lightweight stroller market with their City Mini. Baby Jogger is the FIRST stroller company to have its innovative folding mechanism, and when you combine that with the quality of the actual stroller you’ve got a winner. I am beyond thrilled to offer up the VERY FIRST GIVEAWAY of the 2012 model. The basket is easier to access, the seat is a bit deeper, the seat back is taller and offers a bit more head clearance in the canopy, and there are a few new colors. I’m offering up this super sleek blue/grey. This stroller is Nailing It. The 2012 City Mini retails for 249.99.


The Nook Sleep Systems Pebble Pure Mattress is not only one of the coolest mattresses you will ever see, it’s also one of the best on the market (I might have tried to nap on one at ABC Kids Expo, and I am eagerly awaiting the day they make them in Queen Sized). I don’t know what kind of brain comes up with a mattress this high-tech, but I am very glad they did. The Pebble Pure has an organic coconut coir core with 1 inch of latex on both sides, giving this mattress the firmness you desire out of an infant mattress. The “pebble” surface is made of organic cotton and eucalyptus, and Zinc is actually integrated into the fabric to give it anti-microbial properties. The textured surface area not only promotes airflow in and around your sleeping nugget, it’s also water-repellant which means you won’t need to buy a waterproof pad. The Pebble Pure further illustrates Nook’s commitment to quality and innovation. Check out their other products as well!!! The Pebble Pure retails for $350.


I don’t think I need to chat up Melissa and Doug. I don’t think I know a child without at least one M&D toy. I do wish I actually had one of these in my apartment. I mean, come on…who doesn’t love a gigantic stuffed giraffe?? Standing over 4 feet tall, this giraffe would be a welcome addition to any home. Even if you’re not Pee-Wee Herman. I love it. I want one. Let me have this one, ok? The Giraffe retails for $99.


The Freerider by Mountain Buggy is a new way of thinking in ride-along boards for older siblings. It’s an actual 3-wheeled scooter that attaches to the back of various strollers with corresponding connector kits. It’s really cool, and sadly it doesn’t support my body weight. The Freerider retails for $99 and the Connector retails for $30.


Tegu. I am obsessed with them. My fridge is covered with them. I pimped them on the Today Show. They look like ordinary wooden blocks, but they’re magnetic. And they’re made in Honduras out of sustainable wood by locals. A toy company trying to change the world? I’ll take it! Well, Tegu has upped the stakes by launching Tegu Mobility kits—magnetic wheels that attach to all Tegu blocks. You can make cars, you can make trains, you can make Cousin Eddie’s RV. There’s also a really cool contest going on over at the Tegu site where you can design your own vehicle and if it’s chosen, you get to go to Honduras. How cool is that? One compact car, one silhouette and one carry tote retail for $84.


We all hate dirty strollers. What do we hate more than dirty strollers? Taking strollers apart to clean them! I happened upon Buggy Love at the ABC Kids Expo, and recently ran into them again at the Big City Moms Biggest Baby Shower event I spoke at. Get this: it’s an organic cleaning kit for your stroller!! The kit is comprised of the following:

Fresh Love: an all-over freshening spray for sprucing things up a bit, scented with rosehip
Polish Love: tangerine-scented polish for cleaning the frame and wheels
Fabric Love: clementine-scented stain remover
Wheel Love: lubricant—you’ve gotta keep things moving, folks….
A scrub brush, a micro fibre towel, and all of this comes in a canvas tote.

It all smells so good I wish I had more dirty strollers to clean. In fact, I think I might try to clean things in my house with it. Buggy Love retails for $49.99

Yeah. So all of these products are going to ONE WINNER. I told you today was big. The whole contest has received a terrific response, and I am incredibly humbled by it. This is my first 12 Days Giveaway, and it’s been an incredible amount of work; but it’s been fun. I hope you’ve all enjoyed it as much as I have. I look forward to next year when I bring you TONS more stuff—videos, the newsletter, mayhem, etc, etc, etc….

So, what are you waiting for? Enter below. JUST MAKE SURE YOU ANSWER THE QUESTION!!!


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