Day 6 of #12DaysOfBabyGuy

Clek the halls with bows of holly…..

I’ve been a fan of Clek seats before I was a Child Passenger Safety Technician, and my love for them continues even as they’re about to launch their long-awaited convertible seat. Clek currently has two innovative and incredibly easy-to-use booster seats available in the US: the Oobr and the Olli. Both seats install using a rigid LATCH. Why would you install your boosters with a LATCH? It keeps them in place. If you’re using a regular booster and your kid isn’t in it, it’s gonna slide everywhere, and possibly be a danger in a collision. LATCH also keeps them in place if you’re more than one in use.  Clek’s LATCH also makes transferring between cars a breeze.  Add this to the fact that the materials are top-notch, the seats are comfortable, and they’re 100% recyclable, and you’ve one of the best car seats on the market. The Olli is a back-less booster, and the Oobr is a full-back booster with adjustable headrest and a cup holder!

You’ll notice that I am not putting height/weight difference between the seats in this post.  There’s a reason for that.

It’s very important that you go check out their site, and pick out which one you need. I’ve got 4 Oobrs and 3 Ollis to giveaway. That’s right. I’ve got 7 Clek seats to giveaway!!!!! What are you waiting for? Go pick out your model and color and leave it below to be entered to win!!!


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