Danzo Baby

Featured in O Magazine, the Danzo line is a killer new diaper bag with an incredibly innovative design.

Sure, they're cute. REALLY cute. Sure, they're really well-made out of excellent quality materials. Sure, you're gonna feel REALLY classy when you tote one around. You're also going to feel incredibly organized.

See those zippers on the sides of every bag in the line? Go ahead and unzip those. Once unzipped, the bag comes open and you're given a treasure trove of pockets. Inside every Danzo bag are multiple see-through pockets to make organizing your bag a breeze. Cool feature? The pockets have interchangeable labels. It's a Velcro explosion you'll actually want to deal with. Tired of putting wipes in that pocket? BAM! Now it holds your glasses. Tired of glasses? Rip that label off and now it holds my makeup. Wait. Did I just admit that….

Anyway, the Danzo bags are wicked cute and fancy. Available in a multitude of styles and colors, you're sure to find a bag that fits your style. The hardware is gorgeous, there are wee ducks hidden about everywhere on the bag, a changing pad is included, and great exterior pockets. Yep, this bag is Nailing It.

Danzo bags vary in price and are available at DanzoBaby.com.



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