Evenflo Double Electric Pump

We've been doing q&a sessions since last year (after a haitus because we used to do them YEARS ago) and we absolutely love the time we spend together answering your questions. It's honestly a highlight of my month, and I will speak for Shari when I say she feels the same. Evenflo Feeding has been sponsoring these chats and I am incredibly thankful for them. Not only are they great friends, but I am thankful for their time, energy, and trust in allowing us to do this. So, thanks, ladies of Evenflo.
And just a bit of information. A lot of people are always asking me how to get their pumps covered by insurance. Visit www.yummymummystores.com or www.betterlivingnow.com to look at your options.



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    I have this pump and I love it! So easy to clean.

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