Let’s cut to the chase.  I love baby gear.  I like to inform people about baby gear.  I like to give baby gear away.  It’s fun.  Women are usually the lucky winners of my contests, so I thought I would do a contest geared towards guys.  Yep.  Let’s get some dads in on the action.  When I announce winners, dads often chime in “do guys EVER win anything here?”  Well, to be honest, it’s rare.  I have a huge percentage of women who follow me.  Guys, you wanna win something?  FOLLOW ME and enter contests.  I promise I’m not all baby gear and roses over here.



Speaking of giveaways, let’s get this one going.  I don’t really do “GIFT GUIDES,” but I thought it could be fun to put something akin to one together and then give things away.  Sooooo, below are a few of my favorite things and links on where to buy them…..and then, if you’re lucky, you might win THEM ALL.



I love a pair of comfy shoes, especially a pair of slippers to wear around the house.  My sister introduced me to a great company called Bison Booties.  At first I was like “meh, slippers.  i have a few pairs.”  Then I received a package in the mail of these glorious things for your feet.  They are now my slipper of choice.  No lie.  That’s really a thing.  Each pair of Bison Booties is handmade in North Dakota and I am obsessed with them.  They’re wicked comfortable and you will never want to take them off your feet.  Available at the Bison Booties online shop!



I’m also a sucker for a good skincare line.  A few months back, Summer Sky Organics wrote me.  Again, I was like “another skincare line.  great.”  Ohhhhhh I was so glad I accepted their offer to send me a few of their soaps.  You.  Guys.  The Patchouli Orange Men’s Body Bar is EVERYTHING.  I actually would’ve taken a picture of mine, but it’s gone.  Sorry about it.  Made with 85% certified organic ingredients and with a scent that won’t leave you feeling too dainty, you’ll be a big fan of Summer Sky Organics soaps.  I know I am.



Another thing I love is a good bag.  I travel a LOT, and in NYC a good bag is a necessity.  Awhile back I was made aware of Sons of Trade.  They have a great rugged/urban chic thing going on.  I have been using the Tactical Tote for awhile now and I could NOT be happier with it.  In other words, it’s a #HellaSexyManBag.  It’s basically like an open-ended duffle bag that you fold over and snap down and can wear like a backpack.  It’s genius, the fabric is an incredibly durable canvas, the detailing on the snaps, closures, and handles is great, and the pockets….dear lord the pockets.  Pockets for cords, cables, pens, cards, snacks….and more.


If you want easier access to your cords (or if you want to just pull them out and go), Sons of Trade has this GREAT Assignment Kit which stores and organizes all of your stuff.  This way you can just pull the mesh bags out and live your life.



Dads!!!  Want to  use this as a diaper bag (even though I hate using that description because the bag is too cool)?  You can get the Capable Changing Kit which has a wipes case, a changing pad, and stroller clips in one of their mesh bags.  BOOM!  Portable changing kit in a sexy bag!  Don’t feel like carrying your #HellaSexyManBag all the time?  Clip the Capable Changing Kit to your stroller with the included Stroller Clips and you’ve got it made!!!   The Sons of Trade Tactical Tote retails for $160, the Assignment Kit retails for $38, and the Capable Changing Kit retails for $44.  Get.  Into.  It.



Because I travel so often, and I live in NYC where I need to drown noise out, headphones are my most-prized accessory.  I was in the market for some new headphones and a friend connected me to Jabra.  I knew the brand because of their awesome wireless speakers, but had never tried their headphones.  I have seen the error of my ways.  The Jabra Revo Bluetooth Headset is EVERYTHING I need out of a pair of headphones:  AMAZING sound quality, the fold for storage, a mic is integrated to talk on the phone…..but these take things one step further.  I was skeptical that bluetooth headphones would have decent sound quality.  The Jabra Revo sound quality isn’t “decent”—it kicks ass.  And the fact that I don’t have a cord getting in the way of my bags or anything else is just the perfect icing on the cake.  All the controls you need are integrated into the earpieces, and it takes a bit to learn how to use them and memorize what does what, but once you do it’s incredibly intuitive.  It does require charging, so cords are included so you’re always prepared.  The Revo headphones retail for $195.  You will never want to take them off.  I think that says enough.



And because my site is “supposed” to be about baby gear, why not throw in one of my favorite new strollers for a lucky guy?  The Bumbleride Indie 4 is the newest addition to the Bumbleride family.  The Indie is one of the smoothest strollers I’ve ever pushed, so I had very high expectations when it came to a new version of it.  All of my fears can be flushed down the toilet.  The Indie 4 is so smooth that my sister says it’s like “pushing a cloud”—and my sister has pushed her fair share of strollers.  Suitable from birth-55 lbs, you can even snap a car seat on this bad boy or use the INCLUDED bassinet for a lie-flat experience.  Four air-filled tires and suspension on all 4 wheels provide an unparalleled strolling experience, and it folds compactly to fit into your trunk!  Need to throw all the things under your stroller while you’re out running around being productive?  Don’t worry because the basket on the Indie 4 is huge.  Throw in eco-friendly fabrics, an adjustable handlebar, and an enormous canopy, and the Indie 4 is doing all the things right.  I’ll be posting a more in-depth review later this summer once I have time to actually do things like post reviews.  All of these features are rolled into one bad-ass Indie 4 and it retails for $599.



Keeping with the baby theme, bottle-feeding is a great time for dad to bond with your little one.  If you’re pumping or supplementing, having a great bottle will make the experience a bit better.  Enter organicKidz.  These stainless steel bottles are one of my very favorites on the market, and their new peristaltic nipples are soft and actually require baby to do some work to feed—so you’re not worried about nipples that leak and flow too fast (which can cause issues with breastfeeding).  Not only are they stainless steel (which means antibacterial and no toxins like in plastics—-and stainless steel makes you feel like a badass), they also convert into sippy cups for later use!  Throw in the new bamboo Bottle Drying Tree (which is very useful and won’t clutter your cabinet), and you’ve got a terrific bundle any parent would be extremely happy with.  PRO TIP:  the caps for the bottles *might* be the same size as shot glasses and the tree does  a GREAT job drying those as well….I am just sayin’






So.  ONE LUCKY WINNER will win this bundle o’ goodies:


One pair of Bison Booties

The Sons of Trade Tactical Tote with Assignment Kit and Capable Changing Kit

Summer Sky Organics Soap Bundle

Jabra Revo Bluetooth Headset

organicKidz Bottles and Bottle Tree

Bumbleride Indie 4 Stroller




The contest is open to US RESIDENTS ONLY.  Anyone can enter:  dads OR moms.  This bundle is just intended for a dad—-soooo, ladies, if you win, make sure to give it to a special guy in your life.  They *probably* deserve it.




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