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GB Pockit Stroller

There are times when videos of strollers get a lot of attention….and then there are times when they go viral.  The latter would be the case with the GB Pockit.


I found this stroller at ABC Kids Expo 2015 and took a video on Sunday morning that I broadcast live on Facebook. It went INSANE immediately.  An organic reach of over 44 MILLION, 14 MILLION video views, and over 270 THOUSAND shares.  Pretty wild.



What's so special about the Pockit? You can watch the video for a full demo.  BUT it's the Guiness World Record holder for Smallest Folding Stroller.  Suitable from 6 months through 55 pounds, the Pockit simply folds up into a 12 x 7 box that can be carried in a large diaper bag or backpack.  It weighs less than 11 pounds, so travel is also incredibly easy.


There's no recline, the undercarriage basket isn't huge, and the canopy is a panel of neoprene.  But that is OK.  You buy this stroller as a convenience for travel and urban living.  It folds so small you can even put it under the seat in front of you if you're on a plane (not that I'd do that because we know leg room isn't what it used to be—-so just put it in the overhead).


The Pockit is going to be a game-changer for travelers.  Trust me.









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