GearGuideFirstLook: Dot and Navigator from phil&teds

Hey there!!  I am very excited to be able to share two NEW strollers being launched this summer from phil&teds.  Having revolutionized the stroller industry with their inline stroller, the original E3 buggy, they've constantly made tweaks over the years to their strollers trying to stay on top of the inline game.



Last year at ABC Kids Expo, I saw the Dot.  For those of you familiar with the Mountain Buggy Swift, the Dot is the phil&teds version.  Take the Explorer frame, snap smaller (ten inch) wheels on it, and you've got a stroller that's 15% more compact than the Explorer–and it still has the same size seat.  I think the Dot will be a terrific option for parents who want a great all-terrain stroller, but don't have a ton of space.  It's also cute, and that doesn't hurt.


Dot Specs:  26 lbs, suitable from birth, weight limit of main seat is 44, weight limit of double kit is 44 in the front position and 33 in the rear position, 23 inches wide, car seat compatible, and can be used with new snug carrycot accessory (as seen in pic).


The Navigator is new to me.  Think of this buggy as a pimped-up Explorer:  nicer fabrics, better canopy, reclining double kit–and it now has the ability to face the parent with the face-to-face accessory.  The harness is now tailfree, meaning that no extra webbing is going to be hanging out of the back of your stroller seat (awesome), and the fabrics now zip off instead of using snaps for removing.  I mentioned the fabrics are nicer, and now they're also customizable–mix your colors up!!!  I can't wait to get mine soon and give it a whirl.  Full reviews (and maybe giveaways….hint hint hint) will be forthcoming once I receive mine in the mail.  Because CLEARLY I always have room for more strollers in my apartment….I need more friends to get pregnant……


Navigator Specs:  28 lbs, suitable from birth-44 lbs, double kit weight limit of 44 in front position and 33 in back position, car seat compatible, snug carrycot compatible, 23 inches wide.


Enjoy the pics, and I'll be back with full reviews of these guys later in the summer 😉




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