Skip Hop

This bag really kicks it up a notch in terms of storage. Fifteen pockets will blow your mind in terms of compartmentalizing your supplies. Some pockets are zippered, some are magnetic, all are practical (I am a pocket whore when it comes to bags). Designed like a messenger bag, the Bento also has the usual Skip*Hop Shuttle Clips, which make it very easy to attach to just about every stroller you'll come across. Insulated pockets and a changing pad also make it terrific for carting about your bottles, and dealing with the ramifications of those feedings.

What truly sets the Bento apart is the zippered compartment at the bottom. Unzip that bad boy. Inside is an insulated pouch with food storage containers and a freezer bag!! HUZZAH!!! Throw in some baby food, and maybe some pudding for yourself!!! The Bento is PVC, BPA, and Pthalate-free, so get into it!!!

The Skip*Hop Bento Bag retails for $99 and is available at Magic Beans and other retailers who know what they're doing 😉

You didn't think I'd let you leave without a chance to win one, did you? Contest begins November 2nd and ends at Midnight EST November 16th. ENJOY! It's also open to Canadian citizens. What's that aboot?? 😉



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    I have a different kind of Skip Hop diaper bag that I bought back in 2014 and they have a lot of pockets to fit baby stuff. I used it for the hospital delivering my second baby girl.

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