Hey there! It’s Thursday. Many bars, including a few here in Minneapolis, have deals called “Thirsty Thursdays” where drinks are very cheap. Sadly, I cannot offer that to you right now.

What I CAN offer is the ability to sign up for my NEW newsletter: “Happy Hour: The BabyGuyGearGuide Newsletter.” I’ve collected MANY addresses during the #12DaysOfBabyGuy contest in December. If you didn’t enter, or want to submit your address again just for fun, you can do so below!!

Please tell your friends!! Tell your neighbors!! Post it on your Facebook!! Write it in the sky!! Use carrier pigeons!!

Other than that, things are going well here! Insanely busy with the Nuggets, the WeeOne, and working on a HUGE project that launches soon that I am pretty proud to be a part of. Methinks you’ll dig it 😉



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