Have You Never Been Mellow??

The second gift in #BabyGuyMotherLode is a mellow Welcome Home set by Green to Grow.


I LOVE these bottles. Since I have no boobs or babies, bottles and breast pumps always prevent more of a challenge in terms of reviewing than other products. I was able to do pretty extensive testing with these bottles while visiting the Nuggets while I was in Minneapolis last year.


Many bottles have “anti-gas/anti-colic” properties that involve several parts or tubes. The mellow line has a vent built into the nipple, so there are less parts to clean and NOTHING makes me happier than that. Green to Grow bottles are non-toxic, easy to clean and incredibly cute. What else could you ask for?? The Welcome Home Set includes:

2 5 oz bottles

2 10 oz bottles

3 different nipple stages

an organic multi-use cloth

An organic wash cloth

all packaged in a ridiculously cute box.



The Welcome Home Set retails for $55 and can be found online at and at other juvenile retailers.

My original review of these bottles can be found on


So, this sweepstakes begins on Mothers’ Day. I think of Joan Crawford, HOPEFULLY you think of other pop culture mothers.  So, to be entered into#BabyGuyMotherLode, leave your favorite mom from the pop culture pantheon (movies, tv, books, music, etc) on the blog post, my Facebook page, or tweet it!!! And you’ll have to do this daily, because to be entered for the GRAND PRIZE, you have to have at least one entry method per product. Trust me, it will be worth it.

This is VERY IMPORTANT!!!! Three ways to enter:

1.Comment on the Blog entry
2.Comment on and leave link to that comment on page of appropriate entry
3.Tweet something to the effect of: “Joan Crawford is my FAVORITE mother-and she’s going to win #BabyGuyMotherLode at”—again, this is JUST an example—use your own ;) —leave link to that tweet in the comment section on the page of the appropriate entry.






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