Choosing a stroller is one of the more daunting tasks that faces expectant parents. I know, I know. That’s ridiculous, but it’s true. I’ve seen women break down into sobs over choosing strollers because, more often than not, it’s just incredibly overwhelming. Now imagine you need to pick out a double. Walk away from that ledge and look into this great stroller:

The Kinderwagon Hop.

I was first approached by the inventors of the Kinderwagon several months ago. The design was unlike anything I had ever seen and I was immediately drawn to the idea of it: a double umbrella stroller that uses stadium seating so that the footprint isn’t much bigger than a single. WHA??????

I met Jennifer, the mother and co-inventor, for coffee at Starbucks in the Village and we went over the various features of the Hop. She had to run and take her eldest son to tap class (obsessed) so I grabbed the Hop and jumped on the train all the way back uptown. Anyone who has ever taken a double on the train knows that getting through the actual turnstiles and gates can be an issue. I went through the cheesegrater turnstile with no problem at all—it totally fit. Granted, if I had kids with me we would’ve gone through the door, but I don’t. So. We. Didn’t.

Here’s a quick rundown of the Kinderwagon Hop:

The front seat has 2 reclining positions and can be used from 6 months and up. The seat in the back (on top) reclines flat enough for a newborn (at least according to “industry standards”) and both seats hold 40 lbs. The canopy is removable and has two viewing windows. The breaks are flip-flop-friendly and the Hop stands when folded. There isn’t an automatic chassis lock when you fold, but the strap locking mechanism is quite easy to use. The wheels are a great size and there is rear and front-wheel suspension—great when you’re carting two wee ones around. Accessories? Kinderwagon has got you covered—literally. Rainshields, a cup holder and a removable diaper bag are included. Worried it’s heavy? The Hop is ONLY 21.5 lbs. P’SCUSE ME????

All of this for $299.99!!!!!!!!

The Hop is a great stroller for families who need a smaller double for twins around six months old—it’s a terrific travel stroller, and a WONDERFUL option to standard side-by-side umbrellas. Just think: doors are not an issue anymore. In fact, you can walk by doors and laugh at them.

The Kinderwagon Hop is available at



Yeah, the lovely people at Kinderwagon have generously decided to give my readers a chance to win one! Be one of the first people, if not THE first person, to have one of these innovative strollers!!! This contest will begin right now, August 8th, and end on August 22 and Midnight EST!!!


How To Enter:

The Hop was designed by parents of multiples. Go to and find the names of the twins that inspired the stroller!  Hint: the About Me page will help you out 😉 Leave the names of the twins in the comments below. I will not approve comments with names, because then you can cheat—just know that I have them!!!!

For extra entries:

1.Tweet: “I entered to win the @Kinderwagon Hop from @TheBabyGuyNYC at” Just make sure you link to the tweet below!!
2.Comment on my Facebook Page and leave the link below!  BTW:  DON’T leave names of twins in this post! Just comment that you entered!!!!
3.For 5 extra entries, post a blog entry about this contest on YOUR site and leave the link here.

Thank you for your time, and GOOD LUCK!!!!!!






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