Nursery décor. I usually don’t get into this area, because I’m more concerned with parents actually being informed about product and how to safely use it. I don’t really care about what color your sheets are, or what cute trinkets you have lying around. Sorry. It’s just how I work. If I can’t even decorate my own apartment, you don’t want me decorating your house. Yes, I’m missing the GayDecorGene.

That being said, I run into issues with décor a lot. The biggest pain, especially for people renting who have to be careful with damaging their walls, is personalizing their space.

I’ve always been a big WallCandyArts fan, so I was thrilled when they announced a new pattern: Nightly News 2. It’s a great new pattern with owls of various colors and sizes, branches and leaves of varying sizes, and a large crescent moon and stars.

Fact: I recently painted my apartment. I thought it would be fun to decorate with the Nightly News 2 kit. When it arrived in the mail, I tore it open and pulled out the two sheets of decals. I sat in my hallway, with a beverage, and decorated the walls outside my bathroom. It’s incredibly easy to apply these, and even easier to move them around and reapply them! My fresh paint wasn’t damaged at all, and I’m also able to do things like give the little owl a seat on my light switch. I was concerned about having “children’s decor” up in my apartment, seeing that it already looks like an episode of “Baby Gear Hoarders,” but it’s actually quite cute and visitors to my apartment actually really like it.

SCORE!!! One more re-purposed baby product in my apartment!! I’m leaving it up!!

WallCandy makes more patterns than you can shake a stick at, and with a price that won’t break the bank you’re sure to find something that will satisfy your sweet tooth!!

WallCandy varies in price and is available at

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I am VERY happy to partner with WallCandy on a giveaway!!! This one is a bit different, and TOTALLY UP TO YOU!!! You’ve got $100 to spend at the WallCandy store. Contest begins today, August 10th, and is over on August 24th at Midnight EST. Go!!!!!

How to Enter:

1.Visit the Go shopping and spend up to $100! Tell me what you’d want in a comment on this review!!
2.Comment on my page for an additional entry and leave the comment here as well!
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and leave the link to the tweet here!

THANKS for your time, and thanks to WallCandyArts!!!! Good luck!!!

Disclaimer: I was given product for this review. And it’s cute.




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