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What happens when you take the frame of the phil&teds Explorer, make a few great changes to the fabrics and mechanics of it, and slap on smaller tires? You get the dot. The frame is the same size, but by applying 10-inch tires instead of the usual 12-inch, the size of the stroller is reduced by 15%. How? Don't ask me–I am not a mathematician or an engineer. I just know how to fold strollers.

Last year at ABC I was shown a few new strollers from phil&teds, and the one I was most excited about was the dot. I was the first person to leak official information and images from the manufacturer a few weeks back, and I am very happy to be the first official review. The dot gives you the same seating positions as the Explorer (1 kid in the stroller, 1 in stroller one in double kit on the front, 1 in stroller one in double kit on the back), but they've made a few changes. The fabric is now VERY easy to remove with a zipper system instead of snaps and straps. Why would you want to take the fabric off? Well, the dot (along with the Navigator–review coming soon 😉 has a great new snug carrycot which is a very sturdy option to have your child facing you in the beginning. Taking the fabric off for this feature, or travel system for your car seat, allows your dot to have a much sleeker look with MUCH less effort. The double kit also has a one-handed recline feature when in the “rear” position now, so your little one has a bit more comfort when they fall asleep.

What's NOT to love? In the spirit of fairness, here we go: it's smaller. Again, the FRAME is the same size, but because the wheels are smaller this means the adjustable handlebar is shorter. I'm 6'2 and found it a b it uncomfortable for me to push. Also, since the whole stroller sits lower, you're having to bend lower to place the rider in the Double Kit on the back–and they're a bit closer to the ground. Again, this is only because I am tall that it bothered me. Shorter than 6 feet? Great. The dot gives you a GREAT option for a nice all-terrain with a smaller size for the space-conscious. Also, be aware of tire inflation. The psi allowed on the tire frame is LOWER than tire psi, so only inflate to limits of the frame–avoid those blowouts, folks!!! Oh, and you still have to take the Double Kit off the stroller when in the “rear” position to get a compact fold.

Weight: 26 lbs
Width: 23 inches
Weight Capacity: Main stroller seat-44 lbs. Double Kit holds 44 lbs when in “front” position, 33 lbs when in the “rear” position
Car Seat Compatibility: Major brands with travel system adapter.
Included Accessories: None. Rainshield, etc are additional purchases.


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