Jack Sold a Cow, I Talked About a Donkey: My Weekend With Magic Beans

I will make this perfectly clear in case anyone was curious: I stumbled into this career by a happy accident. Temp job wasn’t cutting it, I had a Village Voice in my hands and saw an ad. That’s how it happened. When I was hired at BBBaby my training was minimal (it has since improved drastically) so I took to reading everything I could find to get a better sense of what I was doing. The very first site I came across was, the blog of the Magic Beans store.

I was in love.

Here I found the joy for the industry that was sorely lacking in many things I read. I DEVOURED the site, and am still a devoted reader. When I first met the Gurocks it was in SoHo last spring. We had hot chocolate at Jacques Torres, a chat about products, even saw a homeless man using an Orbit stroller as a shopping cart/house. It was amazing. We got along famously because we are kindred spirits and big baby gear nerds, and happily the relationship has continued. I was pleased as punch when they offered me the opportunity to come to Boston to help them with the launch party of the Bugaboo Donkey, the long-awaited and oft-gossiped about double.

I had a blast. After a 4 hour Bolt Bus ride (yes, I actually LIKE the Bolt Bus—it makes me feel like I am in “Pee-Wee’s Big Adventure”) I arrived in Boston where Eli Gurock picked me up. He took me on a quick tour of the Brookline Store and their main office where I met a handful of their wonderful employees. That night, I was introduced to my first Shabbat dinner and the AMAZING Gurock children. The next day was spent playing Dance Central with Sheri (see pic), the kids and a friend and I realized I really am NOT in shape as a dancer anymore. Yes, I was in 5 productions of CATS and now a video game is killing me.

That night was the party at their Wellesley location. The front of the store has a giant beanstalk growing around the door and the entire facade was lit with red lights. Upon entry I dropped off my GoGaGa bag and grabbed a glass of wine. I was there to do a presentation on the stroller as well as discussing gear that grows with your family. I decided to spin the speech a bit and talk about how to re-purpose baby products, something I actually do since I have a TON of them and have no children. Some of these included:


A Bottle Drying rack such as the Grass by Boon, Inc, makes an EXCELLENT rack for wine glasses.

My GoGaga bag is a diaper bag, but I’ve never carried a single diaper in it—wine is a different story (see pic).

The Svan is a great high chair that actually turns into a nice desk chair for an adult 😉

The Boppy pillow is excellent for use as a knee cushion when bathing pets in the tub!


The rest of the night was spent chatting with Bugaboo and Magic Beans employees, new friends who follow me on Twitter, and having an amazing hot fudge sundae. The next morning I woke up, boarded the Bolt Bus and headed home, sad that we don’t have a Magic Beans NYC. If only…….

Wait? Where’s my Bugaboo Donkey review? I’ve already written one for and another is on the way!

I cannot wait until my next trip to Boston and the next time I see the Gurocks. I heart them. They really are incredible people and I wish them much success in the future as the beanstalk grows…..

Enjoy these somewhat fuzzy pics….bless my heart.  The picture of me hugging the Donkey is from the ABC Kids Expo in Vegas.

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