Jamie Grayson’s Baby Gear Guide

What a crazy day.  I was contacted by Scripps last year regarding the uLive Network and a few new projects they were interested in.  I was one of those projects.  Today the first episode of “Jamie Grayson’s Baby Gear Guide” launched–and there are more where that came from.



I’ve had my share of TV opportunities come my way in the past few years–and I’ve passed on a few and not given 500% to others I wasn’t interested in.  Luckily, the people at Scripps, uLive, and Gotta Kid to Feed Productions have my back–and they realize it’s a collaborative effort.  Hopefully the shows are never boring, always informative, and keep you entertained.  There are lots of boring books and things you can read about baby gear—why not get a little bit ridiculous with it BUT back it up with legit information?  It’s something I’ve strived to do with my site and social media channels, and I feel blessed that this is the next step in the progression.

I have a few new changes coming soon to my site, and if you look over at the EVENTS section you can see the dates of my speaking engagements all over the country—hopefully that way I can meet more of you!!!!


Speaking of YOU, I thought I’d give one of you a Boba 3G carrier like I demonstrated in the Babywearing episode.  You can enter below.


Be warned—you HAVE to watch the episode to win.  It’s a trivia question.  Click the LINK BELOW to watch.


“Jamie Grayson’s Baby Gear Guide”


Thank you guys….seriously.  I think I might have the best job ever and I owe SO MUCH of it all to you and your continued interaction.  You rock.


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