Let’s Duet, Let’s Fall in Love

Don’t be mad at me because I am a Cole Porter fan.

You certainly won’t be mad at me because I am a fan of this new stroller: The Mountain Buggy Duet.

If you know strollers at all, or are just starting to research, you’ll realize that Mountain Buggy is synonymous with one word: sturdy.

Mountain Buggy was founded in New Zealand by a dad who needed a very durable stroller and couldn’t find anything suitable to his needs. He fashioned a buggy out of golf carts and Mountain Buggy was born. BAM! Mountain Buggy was the original “IT” stroller, and continues to make a terrific product. They’re also about to make quite a splash with two new strollers launching right now, one of which I am featuring here. Don’t worry, we’ll get to the other one…

The Mountain Buggy Duet was shown to me last year, and I was thrilled when one showed up at my door a couple weeks ago.  The Duet is fairly simple:  a side-by-side double stroller that is staggeringly narrow.

25 inches.

That is a full 4 inches more narrow than the narrowest doubles currently on the market. How did they accomplish this? Well, the seats are a bit more narrow than other Mountain Buggy seats, but that’s not the real trick. Stroller companies are finally starting to wise up and realize that any space above the wheels is wasted real estate, and Mountain Buggy is the latest company to build completely wheel-to-wheel vertically. This allows two seats to fit within the same space as a single Mountain Buggy. Genius.

The Mountain Buggy duet accommodates kids from birth through 40 pounds per seat, with a fully-adjustable reclining strap located on the back. You want bassinet compatibility? You’ve got it—it can either hold one or two. Car seats? Yep. It’s got ya covered! It can hold either one or two (with two seats, they are in a staggered arrangement. Graco adapters will be the first to hit, and others will be released after that. HOPEFULLY, the Maxi Cosi adapters come out soon, because that means it can hold the Cybex Aton—and we all know how I feel about that seat. #OBSESSED  Watch out, moms of multiples who don’t want wide strollers and need two car seats!!!

With a weight of 34 pounds, it’s a fairly lightweight stroller in this class, and the air-filled wheels make pushing this thing over any terrain a breeze. The contour of the height-adjustable handle feels terrific, and the fold is the typical Mountain Buggy fold (quite flat and locks with a strap you have to snap yourself). The harnesses also have a bit of child-proofing-smarts in them, requiring two hands to undo, so your little Houdini won’t be running all over creation!

Only have one kid? Get this stroller anyway. Recline that seat on the side, throw your things in it, and go to town! It’s the same width as a single Mountain Buggy Urban Jungle, so who cares???

Have three kids? Attach the Mountain Buggy freerider to the back! For those of you who don’t know, the freerider is a terrific alternative to a wheeled board. It’s a three-wheeled scooter that attaches to the back axel and allows your child to ride along, then pop the scooter off when they want to be a bit more independent.


The Mountain Buggy Duet is available at Magic Beans and other juvenile retailers.

I love this stroller. I love this company. That is all.







DISCLAIMER: I received product for the sake of reviewing. It won’t be the last time that happens. If it were, I would have to shut this site down.  Contest begins September 8 and ends at MIDNIGHT EST Sept 22


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