lillebaby All Seasons Review and Giveaway

I’ve been a fan of lillebaby since my days working at buy buy Baby.  I loved the Everywear (their original soft-structured carrier), and it has been great seeing how they’ve tweaked that original carrier into something even more comfortable over the years.  The Complete is a very comfortable carrier that allows for a multitude of carrying options on the wearer’s front, side, and back.  Just when you thought it couldn’t get more comfortable, along comes the All Seasons.




SWAMP ASS:  a condition in which heat (derived from the body or nature) causes profuse sweat and wetness.  This results in general discomfort for the one affected by Swamp Ass, and misery for those near to them.



NO ONE LIKES SWAMP ASS.  You don’t, I don’t, and your baby certainly doesn’t.  Soft-structured carriers are notorious for being heat traps when it’s warm, so there are a few carriers now (including the lillebaby Airflow) that have mesh to allow for a bit of airflow in warmer climates.  BUT, what if you live in areas with actual “seasons” (although I’m not sure what that means after 6 months of winter here in NYC) or you travel?  Do you need to buy different carriers for different temperatures?


Not anymore.  The lillebaby All Seasons has an innovative panel that unzips and snaps down, exposing a mesh panel for airflow while you’re hanging out at Disney.  When you’re tired of waiting in lines at Disney and head back home to the frozen North, you simply zip the panel back up and it’s back to the standard protection from the elements.




I’ve been waiting on this carrier to launch for QUITE sometime and I’ve been quiet about it like a good boy.  But now we can chat about it… shout it from the rooftops!!!!


The lillebaby All Seasons retails for $135 and is available from and specialty retailers.

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