Look, Ma! No Hands!!!

Sometimes I’ll see a product, or have one pitched to me, that’s crappy. I can usually spot a clunker from a mile away.

Sometimes I’ll see a product that I know is going to kick ass, and I know I have to learn more and share it with you all.

Sometimes, though, I see a product that needs a little bit more observation and TLC. Such is the case with the KoalaKin Nursing Pouch.

I’ll admit: I was very sceptical. This seemed like a variation on a baby carrier, and people nurse in carriers quite frequently. I also viewed this as a crutch, or another way for parents to be detached from parenthood. I mean, seriously–latch baby on and then read the paper or play Angry Birds.  C’mon??!!??

Oh, how I was wrong. So very wrong.

1. People do breastfeed in carriers, but many people are not comfortable doing this as there is a bit of a learning curve to do so.
2. Breastfeeding pillows are acceptable, what not someone like this?
3. Anything that allows moms to continue to breastfeed a bit longer is a winner in my book.
4. Sometimes you HAVE to play Angry Birds.

To make things very simple to understand, I shot this wee video on my iPhone, using my sister as a model. It’s nothing fancy, but I thought you’d like to see it in action (although without nursing–Grayson had just had a nice meal).

The KoalaKin is basically a modified sling with back support so that you can latch your baby on and rest your tired arms and help ease any back or shoulder pain. Your baby’s face is always in-view because the pouch actually snaps shut on the opposite side of where you’re nursing.

Aside from giving mom a rest, this also comes in very handy if your little nugget has curious older siblings. My sister can nurse Grayson and allow one of his 19 month-old twin sisters to watch, without being worried that he’s going to receive a poke in the eye.

This product is a winner, and I am very happy to share it with you all, as well as my own friends, family, and clients who might need a little help achieving their breastfeeding goals.

Live the dream, moms and babies. Live. The. Dream.

The KoalaKin Nursing Pouch is suitable from birth through 35 pounds, and retails for $90. It comes in two sizes and colors, and spare pouches are also available for purchase.

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