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It’s 3 in the afternoon. You’ve been playing with your nugget. You’ve been feeding your nugget. You’re covered in NuggetFluids. YOU NEED TO SHOWER. I am elated to offer as the next entry in #BabyGuyMotherLode the mamaRoo by 4Moms.

This isn’t your Mother’s Bouncer Seat. It’s not your Grandmother’s Swing. The mamaRoo is a completely new way of entertaining and soothing your wee one. This innovative seat was designed to mimmick a caregiver’s movements by swaying side-to-side and bouncing up-and-down. The mamaRoo has 5 movements: Car Ride, KangaRoo, Tree Swing, Rock-a-Bye and Ocean Wave. All of these options vary path of movement as well as height. Add to this the fact that the speed is adjustable, and you have a terrific little seat. The mamaRoo also has a fully adjustable recline, and as if this wasn’t enough—it has a built-in white noise machine. What? You hate that noise? Well, you can plug in your mp3 player. HOLLER!

The mobile of the mamaRoo is my personal favorite feature of the seat. It’s never too early to get classy and elitist about art, and the mamaRoo has a mobile featuring 3 well-known paintings: Starry Night, Sunflowers, and A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte. These are black and white on one side, then you flip them over and they are in lovely color. The balls also pop out and are the right size for wee hands to play with—just make sure you keep the dog away.

Fact: dogs love baby toys

While not an ideal seat for travel, again, most bouncers are not (see an earlier post;) ), the mamaRoo is a wonderful seat for parents who are tired of technicolor baby garbage all over their home. You’re going to get enough gaudy things in the toddler years, why not start off their life with a touch of class?

mamaRoo. It’s cute. It’s artsy. It can play your Patsy Cline. It works. Get into it.


The mamaRoo retails for around $200 and is available at


I mentioned the mamaRoo mobile balls have works of classical painters on them. What would be one work of art you’d like to see on a future mamaRoo? GET CREATIVE!!!

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