Milk Boosters

Breastmilk supply? There's a Snack For That…

That's right. A snack.

One of the biggest hurdles a breastfeeding mother will face is her fear of having a low supply–and this stress can actually have a negative effect on her supply. There are lots of great supplements on the market to help with production–but what if you could eat a cookie instead?

Meet Milk Boosters–the 100% organic and dairy-free lactation cookie. Founded by Dori Acevedo after having supply issues with her firstborn, MMM Cookies are an alternative way to get fenugreek, flax seed, brewer's yeast, and other herbal ingredients to boost supply into your body. I know I'd rather eat a cookie than take pills, and these cookies are amazing. How do I know??? My own sister tried them when her supply dropped shortly after my nephew was born. Not only did her supply shoot back up in a couple days, but the ingredients actually helped my nephew's gas—a DEFINITE added plus. My sister's supply increased so much that she actually gave remaining cookies to friends who were having issues. While I cannot personally comment on how delicious they were, as I've not eaten one, my sister said they were awesome–and she's a cookie snob, so I trust her 😉

One of MY favorite features? Dori makes the cookies by hand–no big factory here. Just a mom. In a kitchen. Helping other moms get their supply up to give their babies the best food possible.

Keep up the strong work, Dori. It's needed and MUCH appreciated.

30 cookies are $48, and a subscription program is available for $45 a month with 40 cookies each month.



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