Milk and Sugar Baby

Every now and then you are introduced to a product that seems incredibly simple. You’re like “oh, there’s a ton of these already on the market…”

And then you’re walked through it and you actually get so excited you send your sister a text message in the middle of a Q&A because you want to help spread the word.

That happened in Seattle last year when I was at MommyCon. Amber Elbon, founder of Milk and Sugar Baby, approached me. She wanted to show me the ONEder Cover, a multipurpose nursing cover. There are SO many on the market that it’s hard to really get my attention. But let me tell YOU I am SO GLAD she did because this thing is terrific.

Amber demonstrated this product to me in front of a group of women and people gasped. It’s not only a nursing cover, it’s a burp cloth, infant and toddler bib, smock, baby blanket, seat cover, and more. No joke. It’s one of the coolest nursing accessories I’ve come across….but it’s so much more than a nursing accessory.



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