Moodd: a sexy stroller from Quinny

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Moodd: a sexy stroller from Quinny

I'll be honest: I was never a *giant* Quinny fan. I dug Maxi Cosi car seats, but the Quinny strollers just never really grabbed me for some reason. When the Moodd was launched, and I hate to admit this, I just didn't give it a second look.

I'm glad I changed my mind.

Just based on looks alone, the Moodd is a really sexy and contemporary-looking stroller. The colors are hyper-saturated and intense, the silhouette is sleek, and it's very streamlined. The posters that compare it to a sexy high-heeled shoe? Yeah, they're pretty genius on right on-target.

Who cares about looks? Does it actually perform??


The Moodd offers you a very maneuverable and smooth ride over many terrains. I've used it on concrete, gravel, grass–so far it's conquered them all. The reversible seat has a one-handed recline and is suitable from when your child is able to sit unassisted until they hit 50 pounds. The padded seat cushion is extremely comfortable and easily removable should your child yak all over it–and they might (hey, it happens). The adjustable foot rest offers extra comfort for your little one, and the sun canopy gives you UV 50+ rating.

If you're in the mood to use the Quinny Moodd from birth, you can do so by using the Dreami Bassinet (sold separately) or by using the Maxi Cosi Mico or Prezi Infant Seat with the INCLUDED adapters. Already have a different infant seat? Don't worry–the Moodd is compatible with most popular infant seats on the market with a universal adapter (also sold separately).

The fold uses a pneumatic arm/piston/fancy engineering I don't understand that allows the Moodd to unfold automatically just by giving the handlebar a slight tug upward. Cool.

Overall thoughts?
I'm diggin' it. It's sexy. It pushes like a dream. My nephew is feeling it–and so far he's not a stroller fan. While it's not lightweight (nearly 30 lbs), stroller in this class rarely are. If the weight is too much for you, you can easily detach the seat before you collapse it to break the weight up for transporting it around. Easy breezy.



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