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Munchkin Diaper Pail

There’s nothing like the smell of ‪#‎DiaperStank‬.
You thought your nursery would smell like baby and flowers? Not quite. #DiaperStank is an epidemic and just the absolute worst. Years ago, when Arm & Hammer partnered up with Munchkin to create a diaper pail, I was a hit skeptical. I didn’t think a wee disc of baking soda could help with the smell of diapers full of we-all-know-what, but I was wrong. Very wrong. Their original diaper pail quickly became one of my must-have items….and now they’ve enhanced it.

You see, the original you use to have to pop the lid open with your hands—and sometimes your hands are full of what you’re trying to get rid of. So the new STEP has a foot pedal that pops that baby right open for you to throw your little pod of poo inside. When you shut the lid, not only is their a contraption that seals the bag to help contain odor, BUT you have that little baking powder disc to help eliminate things that you’d rather not smell.



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    I bought this after my original Munchkin pail kicked the bucket, so to speak. (No one likes to empty it and they just kept stuffing diapers in and eventually broke something in the hinge so it stopped sealing). ANYWAY I went with this b/c i loved the idea of a pedal, having a 2 and 3 yr old and one on the way- a foot as an extra hand! LOVE IT! They improved upon the original design of the lid closure, also. The original one, you needed a little force to close it and i could see little fingers getting caught, as they turned opening and closing it into a game. This one, there's no latching mechanism on the lid, so there's no 'snap' in closing it and it closes soft. This is no longer a toddler game- YAY! I like that i can use my leftover snap and toss bags OR the ring style. I have never used the ring style before, but it seems to hold the smell better when the lid is opened. My snap and toss bags are unscented, so that may be the difference too, although i do have the disk in there. I only notice smell when i leave the lid opened when everyone is getting a change. So overall, the rings seem to hold the smell better- i just dont like that the bags can pretty much be any size and it reminds me of a colon (irony!). The lavender scent is pretty strong, too, but i have a sensitive nose so i think it only bothered me. Pros: the pedal gives you an 'extra' hand! Multiple bagging methods. NO SMELL when you close the lid. It sits up higher, so less bending. No latching mechanism for little fingers to get caught in. Cons: the lavender smell is a tad much Seriously SO GLAD i bought this.

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