My Perezitos Debut…

Well, I knew ABC was coming up.  And I knew that Perez Hilton had a new baby/family-themed site “Perezitos.”  I decided to shoot them an email to see if we could somehow work together.  I mean, come on.  I THINK our brands kind of work well together, do they not?  I was thrilled when they wrote back expressing interest and even happier that they would let me cover the ABC Kids Expo in a series of posts for the site.  My first post went live yesterday and by last night was the most-emailed post on the entire site.  I am kind of floored.  I am sure that will change as the site grows and posts are added, but I was pretty thrilled.  Stay tuned as I post a few more articles from ABC…and let’s see what other trouble I can round up…..




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