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Ok.  So, as most of you know, there are a few things I have “issues” reviewing.  I’ve always just asked friends their thoughts on things, or asked my sister as she was able.  Now a new leaf has turned here at the ol’ BGGG and my sister, Jennifer, is helping out….officially.  So, one thing women were always curious about (and I had no desire to deal with….or wear) were nursing bras.  So BEHOLD:  Jennifer Buske gives you the rundown on a few of her favorite nursing bras.  Read on for more info…..and be glad there are no pictures of me in them.  Trust me.  You don’t wanna see that.




Hello all. I have put together a list of my favorite nursing bras! I hope you enjoy. First, I want to add that my bra size is a 34 C and I move into the D cup size when nursing. This should help you determine the perfect fit when ordering. Enjoy!





Lotus Nursing Bra– Belabumbum

I love this nursing bra! It’s super soft, even the lace. It supports and gives nice shape, without a wire. I would consider this an everyday nursing bra, although I would not wear it with thin t-shirts, as it is not padded to hide the nipple. It’s not a problem in most of my clothes, but I wanted to mention it. I don’t think the pictures on the website do the Lotus Bra justice. It’s very delicate and beautiful in person. Not plain and average, as the pictures on the website appear. I wear a medium in this bra. Great basic nursing bra purchase overall!





Fleur Nursing Bra– Belabumbum

This nursing bra by Belabumbum will make you feel feminine and pretty while nursing. I love the color combo’s and floral print they chose for this style. It is supportive without an under wire. It has a great 6 hook extension closure. Love that. This particular style from Belabumbum isn’t quite as soft as their other bras- maybe a little more “stiff” than the others I have tried. I use that term very lightly. I also feel like the cup sizes run small. I have a size small and it smashes me a tad bit flat. I would have been more comfortable in a medium for my cup size, but there is plenty of room for back adjustment.





Serena Spacer Soft Cup Nursing Bra– Belabumbum

I have been wearing this bra nearly everyday. I love it. I’m a fan of soft cup bras, as I don’t want padding, but I don’t want my nipples showing through my shirts. I mean, I still carry the visual of Jennifer Aniston on “Friends”. I cannot be the only person that noticed her nipples poking out EVERY single episode…. it scarred me. Anyway. Continue. The Serena is priced excellent. It’s supportive without wire. The straps are not thick and bulky and it has a four hook closure. I have a 34B/C and it fits perfectly. Soft. Soft. Soft. Love it. Want it in both colors for my everyday nursing bra!





Rose Mousse Bra– Cake Lingerie

This is another soft cup nursing bra by Cake Lingerie. I adore the soft fabric and consider this a full coverage bra. This bra in particular, is extra supportive with wide back straps and shoulder straps. It has a six hook closure. I feel like this bra runs a tad large. I received a 36C and it is too big, but will fit perfectly when I am nursing. I think this bra would be especially fitting for women with extra large bust that need great support in a wireless nursing bra. I also received the matching briefs and they are fab. The briefs are true to size. An excellent set to purchase for pregnancy and nursing!





Nude Cotton Candy Luxury Seamless Nursing Bra– Cake Lingerie

Well, it’s obvious that this seamless nursing bra by Cake Lingerie isn’t the sexiest. I tell you, it doesn’t matter. This bra is amazing. I wear it a ton. I was shocked at the support it gives and especially holding the girls in from the dreaded fall into the armpit. That’s hard to find without an under wire. This bra doesn’t offer nipple coverage, if you wear a thin shirt. You would also need to be careful with the nursing pad you wear, as it would likely show. The briefs that match this bra are also super comfortable. Love this set.





B3 All-In-One Bra– Simple Wishes

This is the newest design by Simple Wishes. It’s the perfect bra for nursing/pumping mommas. I love the adjustable straps that allow you to wear it with tanks and even racerback style tops. Each size accommodates a range of cup sizes. The size medium fit me perfectly with extra room for growth when I am nursing. It’s soft and offers a six hook closure. Of course, it’s designed as a hands-free pumping bra too! Just awesome. Simple Wishes knows what makes breast feeding moms happy and hits the nail on the head with this versatile bra! Available soon!





Nursing Bra Fast Food Dotted– Boob

Every lady needs a pink bra and this nursing bra is not only adorable and sexy… the fit is amazing! It has great support around the cup to keep the ladies where they should be and the end result is perfect. They have other color options, if you don’t prefer pink. The navy is my next favorite. You will feel ultra pretty in this nursing bra! Guarantee.




Shower Hug Nursing Bra

I was excited to find this bra! In the past, I have struggled with the pain caused by shower water hitting my tender breast and it never failed to cause my milk to let down mid shower. Only to exit the shower and be leaking all over the bathroom floor. Annoying. I wish I would have known this product existed. The sizing is limited, so that’s a downfall. I feel like women will either love it and think it’s brilliant, or will have no appreciation for it whatsoever. I think it’s well worth the $30 and look forward to pain free showers while nursing!




Dark Toffee Nursing Tank– Cake Lingerie

This is my second favorite nursing tank! The straps are not too thick, nor too thin. It has similar support and fit as the Seamless Nursing Bra by Cake Lingerie. It’s a great length for layering. It’s super soft and fabrics don’t cling to it. I want one in every color… I actually want two in every color. Love them.




Cozy Belly Tank and Nursing Tank- Cozy Belly

THIS TANK. It’s my absolute favorite maternity tank. I don’t have the nursing tank pictured, but you can find it on the website. It’s amazing. It is long, therefore great for layering and covering belly band/maternity jeans. It has the thin straps and fabric that I love, but somehow offers excellent support. They make a “slimming” tank that I haven’t tried. I just can’t say enough about this tank… I want them to make more colors so I can buy all of them.




Undercover Mama Nursing Shirt- Undercover Mama

This is one of those products where you think, “Why didn’t I think of this?!”. It’s great and brilliant. I don’t have any thick/thin strap issues with this tank, because there are no straps. You attach it to your favorite nursing bra and you have an excellent tank to keep your belly covered when nursing. So great. They make tons of great colors too- a rare option to find with nursing tanks! Buy a few, you cannot go wrong.



While we are on the subject of nursing bras and tanks, I want to give a shout out to my favorite nursing pads! They are equally my favorite. Both soft, absorbent, and made to last.


Washable Breast Pads- Boob

These are made from natural silk. I love the nude color these pads offer. If you haven’t experienced silk on your bare breast, there is no better time to try it! Heaven.




Gotta love the heart shaped nursing pads! These were my go-to with the twins. I remember my mother seeing them laying around my house and she thought they were adorable “coasters”. Ha! I especially loved the overnight nursing pads they offer- thicker and super absorbent.


Bamboobies also designed a cute nursing shawl recently.



I hope this helps you navigate the maze of nursing bras and tanks.  Let me know what you think!!!


***DISCLAIMER:  Product was received for purpose of review***



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