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Be it donuts, idiocy, a Christmas tree too large for the house, or a cheeseburger eaten on the floor, our fathers can often do things that embarrass us.

Picking a crappy place for dinner should never enter this equation.

Anyone who follows me on Twitter knows that there’s one restaurant I check into and talk about EVERY time I eat there. That restaurant is Outback Steakhouse. I’ve a long-standing love affair with this restaurant. Whether it be dinner on the road while on tour, or a dinner after an exhausting day at an amusement park, I have ALWAYS turned to Outback for the following:

Blooomin’ Onion
Caesar Salad
Outback Special (medium rare, double fries—confession: I do not eat many cooked vegetables due to texture issues)
Full Disclosure: I would sometimes substitute the Outback Rack for the Special (the Rack is a delicious hunk of lamb, that is all that needs to be said)

I always knew that no matter what kind of crappy day I was having, or how hungry I was, Outback would always bring it in terms of quality of food and service. I know, I know. I live in New York City and there are a plethora of other steakhouses. Sometimes I NEED suburbia, and I would like to say that Outback consistently has the best-managed “chain” restaurants I have ever eaten at (thank you, Outback on 23rd street in NYC for being a constant source of refuge and delight over the years).

BUT WAIT!!! This article has NOTHING to do with strollers!! Where are the car seats? Where are the high chairs?

I have teamed up with Outback Steakhouse to give one reader a $45 gift certificate. Let Dad take a kid out. Let Dad go out by himself. Let Dad go out and leave Mom alone to nap!!! The possibilities are endless.

Well, I was delighted when Outback emailed me complimenting me on my blog, so we worked out a little deal. It’s Fathers’ Day today. I want to know your favorite stories about dining with your father.

Give me heartfelt.
Give me comedy.
Give me embarrassing.

Here are the rules:

1.I need your Dinner With Dad experiences by June 30th.
2.I need them as a comment on my blog.
3.As an extra entry, you can comment on my Facebook Wall.
4.As another extra entry, you can comment on Twitter with the following: “I entered the @Outback #BabyGuyDinnerWDad Giveaway @TheBabyGuyNYC”
5.Make sure you tag and in your posts!!!

The contest is over at Midnight June 30th, PST. The winner will be chosen shortly thereafter.


UPDATE!!!  Contest is over!  The winner has been contacted via email!  Congrats to Anne Lehnick

DISCLAIMER: Outback did indeed provide me product for this review.  PSSSST:  This certificate does NOT cover Booze, Taxes or Gratuity.  Just thought I should tell you these things now and get it over with.


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